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What an azz-whoopin!! T-Buck has two INTs


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Feb 3, 2002
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Man, who said the Pats were overrated Cinderellas?? They're pretty much doing what they want to against the Steelers. Tom Brady.......say what you want about him......but I like him. His poise makes him a solid NFL QB.

I think the Pats definitely have the Steelers' number. Just one of those things. Like the Jets have our number. I think this Pats team is the same way with the Steelers. They matchup very well with Pittsburgh. Only difference is that the Pats DOMINATE the Steelers each time. Part of it is coaching. Part of it is mental toughness. But it's ALL good.

Look at that.....Willie McGinest just smacked the ever-loving hell out of Kordell Stewart and Roman Pfipher just ran the ball back for a TD (just got overturned). But that just shows you how fearless and tough the Pats are. The Steelers intimidate people with their defense, OL, running game, and WRs. The Pats don't even flinch. They ATTACK.....smacking the Yellow and Black around like a pimp slaps one of his hoes. "B*TCH, GO GET ME A SANDWICH".

Sorry to make this seem like a Pats lovefest. Just wanted to say how much I respect this team and how tough our division is going to be.
Oh yeah. How about T-Buck's two INTs?? Pretty nice.
I think Kordell Stewart just sucks. He can't handle the pressure. Anytime your time turns the ball over 5 times your going to lose.....by a lot. I still think we are better than the Patriots. Also the bus, no joke, is broke, he makes me croak.
That was an impressive game by the PATs..our division 3-1 after this weekend..the steelers division 0-4...the only lost was because the jets and bills played each other..1 had to lose...This is a tough division..and the Bills didn't roll over and give the Jets the game took them to over time..Our O has got to keep it's edge..this year is going to be wild in the NFL..
I kept watching that thing wondering, "are the Pats this good or are the Steelers really just playing that bad?" In the end I'd have to say both were true.

The Steelers absolutely sucked tonight, Kordell Stewart returned to his true form (3 INT's and 2 Fumbles...OUCH!) and The Bus had a flat tire, a busted gasket, and messed up transmission. The Steelers are not what everyone predicted them to be; NFL powerhouses never get embarassed like that under any circumstances.

That said, the Pats came out and just punched those guys in the mouth. 25 consecutive pass plays!! They basically said: "We're gonna toss the rock, and you're not gonna do a thing about it." That was an amazing performance by Brady and the Patsies.

From top to bottom this division is without question the toughest division in football. Not even the supposed "mighty" NFC West (what a joke that division is at the moment, 1-3) can hold a candle to the monsters that call the AFC East home.

I not afraid to admit that there is not a single team in this division that doesn't pose a serious threat to the 'Fins chances this year. Here's to knocking the toughest divisional opponents in the league in the teeth week in and week out!
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Well the Rams were a power house when they won the SB a few years back and they got smacked all over by the Chiefs that year.

They gave up like 55 pts.
I think the PATS are going to give us a run for our money. We should see them in the AFC championship game.
I agree with Ice. The Seelers suck on opening day, they lost to the Jags last year.
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