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What an F'en game


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Nov 12, 2001
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I could not believe the game I watched last night.... I know we were playing against a bad Defense but still... They were making play after play after play.... Let's hope The offense can carry this momentum into the playoffs...
they are still a good team on O, but without EJ too predictable. I still say our D can stop any team that is 1 dimensional and particularly teams that do not throw well, run well and have a great RB that can catch. Pretty much all teams, but the 9'ers will be a great test since they can run and throw and have a QB that can move around and worst of all they are 3000+ miles away from friendly So Fla.
If we beat SF this week

We will be 13-3 and be at least the #2 seed in the playoffs...
one game at a time, but...

NE will be a tough game 12/22 since it will be 3rd game in 12 short days and in ugly Foxboro. But even at 12-4 we got a good shot at #1 or #2 seed
Even if we have to go to

Pittsburg, I like our chances since Kordell is still using all the plays Gailey designed.... Our D will be all over him like White on Rice...
13-3 is right as long as we keep up the intensity no lt downs even against Atlanta and Buffalo we have to have the killer instinct and then we can get the #1 seed and play in the nice S. Fla weather and I like my chances no matter who we play .....................GO RAVENS .....we need a Pittsburg loss
I like our chances a lot

as long as we finish strong and close out w/the #2 seed or better :D
Your right about the #2 seed because the steelers dont scare me at all we usually match up well against them so #2 will be fine but i rather #1 ........... another thing is it me or does Travis Minor need to touch the ball more often what a great spark he brings and big play ability....................
Minor is going to be a great RB in this league, but they seem sensitive in taking away Lamar's carries. Not too many backs other than Faulk make that catch he made last night and hold on. :cool:
I guess its loyalty by Wannstedt but sometimes you have to get the playmakers in the game .......... Lamar can pound it but Travis is an all around back (Warrick Dunn type just stronger)........Its time for the new kids on the block to take over we need to start Travis and Chris.
i wouldn't worry............

about the fins being 3000 miles away from florida. the fin/9er game is the one the 9er fans least want to see, so i'll bet that stadium is half full of dolfans. every game i have gone to out here, san diego, superbowl etc., the fins have an awful lot of aqua and orange in the seats! miami has a BIG amount of followers out here in california! most are native californians too, go figure! :D
I am more worried about a letdown and coming out flat after the team travelling that far. :eek: But the Colts are such a non-physical team on O (w/o EJ) and on D that we should be fresh. :D
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