What are the shameful results leading Dolphins to do?

Given the case, Who should replace Ireland as GM?

  • Dawn Aponte

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  • Russ Ball

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  • Nick Caserio

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  • Eric Mangini

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  • Brian Gaine

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  • Carl Peterson

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  • Someone else (explain in thread please)

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I assume Mr. Ross is waiting for results of the bullying scandal investigation to pop out and give him arguments to fix shameful results of this season.

That means that before firing current GM, HC or whatever piece of coaching staff, owner seems to be waiting to kill two birds with one stone, making statements based on results at both on-field and off-field issues.

I don't expect an amazing discovery coming out of this investigation process that has finished but won't show results until the season ends. So it will focus on GM/HC.

I mean, it's clear to me that Jeff was the man in charge of personnel decisions, and without a decent RB tandem and a weak O-Line several things went wrong.
Critical final games showed weakest links of this organization, as Bills outmatched Dolphins man vs man, while Jets simply out-coached Fins in grotesque ways.
That translates in Joe Philbin needing to learn a lot from division rivals, but without decent pieces at offense that's close to Mission Impossible.

With that in mind, I see Jeff Ireland's name attached to famous "you're fired" tag-line, very soon after investigation results come to light.

So given the case I see new GM coming from within this list: Dawn Aponte, Russ Ball, Nick Caserio, Eric Mangini, Brian Gaine & Carl Peterson.

Since Stephen Ross left Dolphins' facilities without any announcement, so the only fact is there's no change yet.

Rumors, gossip and expectations are filling twitter and blogs, and claiming the most feasible thing is there's an internal battle between Joe Philbin (who's fighting for his position and his coaching staff) and Jeff Ireland (who's being used as scapegoat finger-pointing wrong draft and free agency). Jeff Ireland could be heard and strike-back in the next hours, highlighting coaching failures.

After that, Ross and his advisor Matt Higgins will have the ugly mission of sizing arguments and cutting ties with one size. Anyway I keep firm to the idea that results of the investigation about Martin-Incognito bullying scandal will serve as important ingredient for the decisions to come.
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