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What can I say? Just like last year


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Sep 4, 2001
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Well, we made it to the playoffs again, but once again we lost big in the 1st round. When you turn the ball over 3 times, and allow the other team to go down the field 90+ yards to score....TWICE, what else can you expect? Overall, it wasn't a bad year of football for me, met some really cool people on this board and don't worry you won't get rid of me, I'll be here in the offseason.:cool: Hey, somebody's gotta keep the lounge open right?:D Here's to a MUCH BETTER offensive coordinator next season fins fans.......:)
I agree! I feel that with all the injuries and lack of running game, we had a good year. Here's to getting Ricky Williams and a good offensive coordinator!
It does SUCK that we lost, but I ALWAYS look forward to next year. I will be entering my 26th year of Dolphinism next season in hopes that we make the playoffs for the 6th season in a row. :D

I am also seriously considering becoming a season ticket holder for next season! ;)

My SuperBowl prediction is: Steelers vs Bears -------> STEELERS!

Well, tomorrow begins the post season depression and time to get back to the REAL LIFE. :rolleyes:

Take care peeps and catch ALL YOU GUYS from time to time. If you have my AIM name, drop me an IM. If you have my phone number, dial it. :) Catch ya'll later! :D

P.S. - AJ, I have some fundage coming your way real soon. ;)

Take care,
-Michele- :cool:
Originally posted by miadphan13

My SuperBowl prediction is: Steelers vs Bears -------> STEELERS!

Well you got one team right possibly The Bears. Squealers? Nope. Ravens will see to that next week despite what all the "experts" say. Gonna be either Ravens or Patriots IMO.
Ravens or Pats in the SB??? :confused:
I think the Pats have a better shot of getting there than the Ravens...in other words, I'm not a believer! :)
Here's hoping the Steelers go all the way so I can route for the AFC team
Ricky Williams??? I don't know.....as long as we don't mortgage our future for him. he doesn't impress me.
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