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Aug 12, 2002
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Tell me what you think of my latest power rankings, etc. Just want to get some feedback on the Mid week report.
Mid Week Report

Mid week report

By: Miguel Lorenzo

It seems like every year the strong fall and the weak rise in the National Football League, and this year is no different. Already the mighty St. Louis Rams have started their season 0-2, and the same can be said about the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the other side, the Carolina Panthers and the San Diego Chargers have started their season 2-0, but something that has been constant in the past five years have been the Miami Dolphins. They again have started their season on a quick note, but their challenge comes this Sunday against the Jets. It seems the AFC at this point is between the Raiders, Patriots, and Dolphins, but there is still 14 weeks of football to be played, and anything can happen in that time. So far, besides the New Orleans Saints, the most impressive team in the NFC has to be the Philadelphia Eagles with a dominating win over the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. I guess it goes to show people that they should never break the 1st rule in football, and that’s to never base anything on pre-season. The Redskins finished the pre-season 4-0 with an offense that looked untouchable. The New York Jets finished 4-0 and their offense seemed too good to be true as well. If you look at those teams now, you’ll see that both are 1-1, and both are coming off huge losses to their rivals. This week there are pretty much only two must see games, and one of them is definitely the Dolphins against the Jets. This game has huge complications that we’ll get into with my Dolphins preview on Saturday. The other game is the Rams against the Buccaneers on Monday Night. For the Bucs, this could be John Grudens’ chance to show off his team on national television while the Rams can actually become a side note with another loss this week.

Top 10 Power Rankings
1. New England Patriots (They continued their dominant performance against the Jets, and remain the best)
2. Oakland Raiders (Another impressive win over the favored Steelers has propelled them to 2nd place)
3. Miami Dolphins (Another good start to the season, but not faced the best of opponents. If they can beat the Jets, then the Super Bowl could be a reality)
4. Denver Broncos (Two wins over the Rams and 49ers have to put you near the top, but can it last?
5. New Orleans Saints (Have beaten two very good teams in the Bucs and Packers. Could this finally be the year they make a strong playoff push?)
6. Philadelphia Eagles (After the win over the Redskins, they are number one in their division, and that won’t change)
7. Chicago Bears (They haven’t won pretty, but they’ve gotten the job done)
8. Green Bay Packers (Need to wake up after the loss to the Saints. They’re too good to be losing like that)
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (A win over the Rams would establish themselves as a playoff contender, can they do it?)
10. San Francisco 49ers (Another case of we’re good, but we just can’t win. A good test against the Redskins this week)

On the rise:
Philadelphia Eagles: With an easy schedule ahead of them, they should start to catch steam, and get in front of all the competition.

Going down:
St Louis Rams: Especially is they don’t beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They need to get their act together if they want to make the playoffs.

Miguel Lorenzo can be reached at Migs182005@hotmail.com
The top 4 seems to be unanimous...

...in about every power-ranking on the net. The order may change but the AFC is clearly this season's powerhouse, early at least.

I have a feeling that those who place Denver 2nd are right in giving them due respect for the calibre of opponent they have beaten. You couldn't have a more daunting start to the schedule than the Rams and 49ers and you might hope to be 1-1. Broncos come out 2-0.

I'd have to say that I am less confident of beating the Broncos on the road than any other game before the visit to Green Bay.
You asked for it...

Originally posted by Migs182005

3. Miami Dolphins (Another good start to the season, but not faced the best of opponents. If they can beat the Jets, then the Super Bowl could be a reality)

Ok so Colts are "not the best of opponents" but beating the Jets means we could be going to the superbowl? So now the Jets are better than the Colts? What games have you been watching?

You will be a great pro sports writer because just like most sports writers you make little sense.
The Colts aren't the best team in the AFC, because their defense is horrible, and the reason I say beating the Jets will make the Super Bowl a reality is because this is a big mental block, and if they can get it out of the way, not only will they not lose to them again, but there won't be any more distractions for the Fish. If the Dolphins don't lose to the Jets this year, we're looking at the Dolphins finishing with a 12-4, and most likely with a bye. I thank people for their input thus far, but stating that I make no sense is a bit harsh:cry:

Keep it comming.

If you wanna be a sports writer you are going to get alot harsher than "you dont make sense"... That's polite compared to what you will get from fans of teams you don't happen to favor when
you are writting.

I am only picking on what you said about beating the Jets could mean the SB... I just don't see them as that big of a hurdle... I mean if our "true test" is really a team that got blown out by the Pats the week before then what does that say about our expectations... We can only hope to get by the team that the superbowl champs made look like girlscouts? Hell no, Superbowl teams blow teams like the Jets away. If weare a superbowl team, we should blow the jets away.

As far as the Colts having a "horrible" defense... Who has allowed more "points against" this year... Jets or Colts?... Who has the better D...? Is it the disciple of a "Defensive Guru" in his second year? Or is it the "Defensive Guru" himself in his first? If you say the Colts defense is "horrible" then can you say the Jets is any better?

The mental thing is exactly that, mental. It should be a non-issue, The streak is not a jinx its a freaking mathematical probablilty... If you flip a coin enough times at some point it will land on heads X times in a row... However the more times it lands on Heads in a row the more likey it is to land on Tails with each ensuing flip.
So even if the game was a coin toss, it is for this reason that "the streak" is even MORE likely to be broken.
you make a good point, but if Super Bowl teams are supposed to blow out teams like the Jets, then how come the Patriots bearly beat the Jets last year? In fact they bearly blew out anyone last season, and they still won the Super Bowl, so having to blow out teams isn't what Super Bowl teams do.

We have alot of hudles this year, but the Jets are one again this year because we should beat them, but if we don't because of the "jynx" it counts as another 2 losses this season. The Jets aren't the Dolphins goal this year by a long shot, but beating them would be a positive. We all know they want to make the superbowl, and that's the focus.

and I just wanted to note that I never said the Jets were the Dolphins "true goal". It's not even a goal, but a plus, if we beat them.
I am huge Fins fan.... BUT I would rank the Broncos slightly ahead of bothe the Raiders and the Fins. Thier victories @SF and over SL have been most impressive. Also, why is it that people are questioning the quality of a win in the NFL, whether it's the Fins or another team? Last time I checked, the NFL was not based on the BCS (Bull-Crap-Syaytem) where you have to win and win with "style" points. This is the NFL. A win is a win. There are no directional schools here!
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