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Dec 26, 2001
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1. I think Ronnie Brown is the Dolphins guy. He's the player they want, and he's the player they will draft whether or not they take him with the second pick or the fifth pick.

2. I think Alex Smith is the only player that could change the Dolphins mind about taking Ronnie Brown with the second pick.

3. I think Alex Smith will be drafted by the 49ers, therefore making the Dolphins decision easy on Ronnie Brown.

4. I think the biggest aspect of the Bill Belichick system of drafting (a new system apparently invented by the media), based on the teams that have used that system, is to draft according to your draft board and not based on need.

5. I think the Dolphins will take a quarterback in this draft. I'm just not sure when. It all depends on how the quarterbacks fall on their draft board, IMO.

6. I think the Dolphins will get a player that is highly rated on their draft board that has slipped to the third round for whatever reason. I think the player to keep an eye on in this instance is Cory Webster of LSU.

7. I think Miami would like to draft an offensive tackle in this draft, but I think they may pass on a tackle completely due to the lack of talent at that position in this draft.

8. I think Ben Wilkerson is the best center to enter the draft in a long time, and I think Miami will take Wilkerson at some point because Nick knows how good he is firsthand.

9. I think this homemade pizza that I am about to eat is going to be very good.
I also know the Pats have a big interest in Webster.
I was right. The pizza is very good.
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