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What if the First Four Picks are Edge Players?


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May 9, 2005
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I hate mock drafts but this was a bit of mild entertainment for me.

I took Biadasz over Humphrey because of the Dieter connection. I like Humphrey better in pass pro.

Anyhow, hack it up or move it, it won't hurt my lily white feelings, just a bit of fun.
Not my cup of tea, but I think it shows how quickly the edge and tackle quality drop off if you dont apply picks to those positions.
If we were to go QB, Safety or CB, S or QB, Wr... and ignore just how poor our lines really are, then we are stuck with more questionable prospects.
I guess we could do this if our FA haul is strong, but it isn't my preferred path.

Thanks for sharing!
Yuck. But i love that draft. Lemieux in the 5th? Dobbins in 3rd? I wish lol.

Im not sure about RT, we re-signed Jesse Davis so maybe Flores likes him at RT.
If we have this draft we’re winning the super bowl.

however no shot.

I suggest Using the draft network for these mocks, it’s the most realistic.

first-pick let’s you trade which will come in handy if Tua decides to stay in school
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