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What is left of the undrafted guys...


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May 1, 2002
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Not many signable guys left as rookies or veterans. I am listing a few of the undrafted guys that might warrant a look:

Hudson rb Alabama
Mayes og Oklahoma St.
Mitchell og Florida
Underwood rb Michigan
Means dt Memphis
Hill qb Marshall
Doughtery qb Florida A&M
Suter wr/kr Maryland
Colon ot Florida
Johnson og Clemson
Huntley de Kansas St.
Powell lb Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Gallishaw cb Murray St.
Rogers cb Purdue
Amos cb Nebraska
Green fs Duke
Dean ss San Diego St.
Payne pk/p BYU

That is what most experts would say the bottom of the barrel. If any of you know anything about this group of guys please post. Miami has already signed three more UDFAs (Meeks, Elam, and Bigby) and cut two (Madison and Meeuwsen). Would like to see them give a small college corner a chance like Gallishaw.

Nobody has signed Laroni Gallishaw? He has a world of potential and upside, so there must be some off-field concerns if he is still not on someone's roster.

Dean is another interesting guy with an NFL pedigree. His dad was a solid DB in the league for several years and it seems like someone would take a close look at him even with his mediocre 40 times.
I think we should get Matt Payne the punter. Turk won't be around forever.
I cant believe Albert Means isnt getting a look from us, he is one of those guys that can play NT. He would be a nice player to see hit the practice squad and develop.
Payne would be great, does anyone follow or watch BYU and give us some insight on him, I think he can be really really good from what ive seen from him.
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