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What is Saban Really Thinking?


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Aug 6, 2004
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Ok, obviously Saban has yet to show his hand, which is completely expected. He says he wants Smith because he knows tampa wants him and they are a potential trade partner. The next thing we hear is he wants Edwards because he knows Minnesota is a potential trade partner. What if there is no trade partner? will it be Brown? or will it really be Smith or Edwards? And if we do trade down, who does he want then?
Ronnie Brown if we don't trade down, if we trade down to #5 overall then either H2 or Cadillac, if we trade and get #7 and #18 then Cadillac and Spears
If no trade? I think that it'll be either Smith or Edwards. I don't think that he beives that a RB is worth that much value at #2.
Simple!! The one thing we have learned from Saban is he STRONGLY believes in value of trading players or the Value of a pick. Especially the 2nd overall.

If we were sitting at 5, no doubt he would take a RB.

Seeing as a RB'S life spand is only 3 1/2 years he will not find the investment of 40 million safe with that. So he will be more likely to take that 30% chance on a QB.

I believe his true target is the one of the big 7 he hasn't spoke too much about.

All teams want Smith or Williams or Edwards or even Ronnie Brown.

I strongly believe he will draft Aaron Rodgers at #2 or Mike Williams.
i would not be surprised if he took mike williams. you have to wonder if at the #2 pick, he didnt have to think too hard to figure out who he needed to draft for his scheme to work. He may have known from the very beginning, or at least knew of a prototype, and all this 'thinking' is just a show. its not even a matter of waiting to see where our team had holes because there is a hole at every postion. especially since you could probably trade down to take him, williams is a guy who he has said nothing about and WR is a position hes said nothing about. he didnt even attend williams' workout IIRC.

i would def draft williams at 5 or 7 if he was there, and that would probably be the best value pick in the top ten, except for maybe if a QB drops, which he would also strongly consider i bet.
As long as we get one of the top two WRs (Edwards or Williams) and a RB later on, I'll be a very very happy Miami Dolphin fan!;)
I doubt 3 1/2 years is the avg life span of a RB picked in the top 5 but I don't know. I think a pick of a QB will be a waste for us this year and leave us with nothing but Gordon and Morris running the ball. maybe he is sold on one of those RB's but if I had to guess I say it will be the Brown...

Dolphin39 said:
As long as we get one of the top two WRs (Edwards or Williams) and a RB later on, I'll be a very very happy Miami Dolphin fan!;)
i would agree with dolphin 39 if we could somehow draft edwards or mark clayton and then morency i will personally gaurantee a 12 win season next year.
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