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What it takes, long term, to win in the NFL


dolfan way to long
Mar 23, 2005
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I have been sitting in my office with nothing to do so my Business partner and I came up with a list of what it takes to win in the NFL in today’s climate
1. Front office stability. Including the coaching staff and cap specialist
2. 3-5 years from your skill positions I.E. quarterback, running back, receivers on offense Linebackers and defensive ends on defense.
I left out cornerbacks and safeties because I think schemes and execution are more important there.
3. Quality drafting. Especially 2nd day picks.
4. Second tier players that can step up. With all the injuries and free agent moving, if you don’t have a couple players developing on your bench you will be burned.
5. Substantial home field advantage. I’ve been to a home game every year (except last year) since 1982, I still think the Orange bowl was a better home field advantage than Joe Robbie Stadium. I know it’s Dolphins Stadium now… but I will always call it Joe Robbie Stadium.

As you can see, I don’t think Miami has had a majority of the items on this list for 5-8 years. So it’s kind of surprising it took this long to finally hit the bottom of the league in my opinion.
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