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What ross meant by spending wisely


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Jan 8, 2009
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I have said a couple times that my conclusion from Ross saying to spend wisely is he doesn't want to continue to pay out guarantee's to cut players, or for players with question marks. Below is a list of our free agent signings and honestly if you go through the list you can't blame him. That is a buttload of cash to shell out for the production we got!

Here's the list of free agents the Dolphins have signed the last couple of years for more than $2 million in guaranteed money to show a minimum investment:

Ernest Wilford ($6 million)CUT never a impact,

Reggie Torbor ($4 million)avg back up terrible in coverage and open field,

Justin Smiley ($9 million)good when healthy,

Charlie Anderson ($2.5 million)back up,

Randy Starks ($7 million)most consistent best producing FA,

Josh McCown ($2.5 million)never played a regular season game, or on roster,
Jake Grove ($14.5 million)upgrade when healthy but has spent just over 30% of his caeer on the bench injured

Gibril Wilson ($8 million).Do I really need to go there?!?!?!

You know what the Dolphins have to build on, moving forward, for that $53.5 million?Then add in our own players we extended which have failed to produce. COUGH COUGH Channing Crowder! Or players like Akin Adolyea we traded for and gave good money too.

Reading through various interviews and Stephen Ross sound bites, I think what he meant by spend wisely was stop wasting money on bad players. I don't think spending is an issue for Ross and he proved that with Dansby, I just think he wants to see production for his money!
who wouldnt want to see production for his money ross is smart i am tired of overpaying ungrateful people like wilson/ porter who either run there mouth or suck.
I give credit to Ireland and Parcells for our drafts, but that is a terrible indictment on out FA signings!

This is why I think if you look at what Ross is saying, then making Dansby the highest paid ILB and a very big offer to Rolle. There is a change of direction within the Dolphins. We gave Rolle a great offer for his talent, we didn't get ridiculous like the Giants did because of lack of talent on the market! :up:

Another note Ross wants a upgrade at receiver. Ross did not become a self made billionaire by being stupid. Ross has the ability to be successful in various sorts of businesses. When he gets involved with them he evaluates the business/franchise from top to bottom and develops a plan for success. I know many will disagree with me on this, but Ross has an outstanding track record of generating success with anything he gets involved with.
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