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What we have in common with the last two super bowl champs..


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Oct 29, 2001
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From what I see, our team might not be ready for the season yet. The last few years, the players are all on the right page, start off strong, but fade away badly at the end.
I think our first few games, wont be impressive, and we probably wont win them all because of so many changes at positions and in the playbook. But I think that week after week, we will start progressing and have it done nicely at the end.
Remember, the patriots last year and the ravens the year before, didnt have a good start, but they progressed. Both teams ended the regular season winning like 8 of their last 9, rode that momentum through the playoffs, and took it all.
Well given our history I don't see that happening...we always get off to fast starts and fade a bit down the stretch.

I think the new RB and O will help with that, but it's the players with a history of doing that, not the coaches, so I don't a whole lot we've done to change that this year. I was hoping for a tough, physical S or LB to be brought in and start but it didn't happen.
Phinstd, what about Brock? He finished in a flurry last season. He was the Defensive player of the month for December if I remember correctly. Anyways, if Ricky does what he is suppose to, then we will be fine. Its all about clock management......
Yea stPhin...we finish with 2 wins at the end of last season...Like I said before, I think Wanny is learning how to pace these guys toward the end of the year..but this PS has been intense with all the competition..The team will have to recover and then get their feet under them...But I think a camp like they had will prepare them well for the long haul.
I like Brock Marion for many reasons. Some are jumping on his case for what he's doing in the preseason but I tell you what...you should take anything Brock does in the preseason with a grain of salt just like Olindo Mare and Zach Thomas. The bottom line is that Zach and Brock do not take the preseason seriously. They aren't going out there full speed, they aren't sacrificing their bodies, they are playing things as close to the vest as possible and conserving energy and not coming close to risking injury. The difference between Zach and Brock is Zach usually has very little left in the tank at the end of the year. Brock only gets BETTER toward the playoffs and its always been that way ever since he got here...same with Trace Armstrong. If a good decent MLB gets cut, we need to get him I firmly believe it because we need to get Zach OFF THE FIELD when he gets hurt, otherwise he does us no good in the playoffs catching people from behind and just kinda hangin on them until they go down.
I agree 100% ckparrothead. People are jumping all over Brock's ass because of this preseason. Why should a vet that has been in the league for 9-10 seasons be going all out in preseason? He is already the starter, he has nothing to prove. Why are preseason stats so important to you all? Once December comes and Brock is out there ruling over the opposing offenses, you'll all appreciate the fact that he held back in the preseason......
Brock was an average safety for years before he became a probowler here and a lot of people say that it was due to the way he was being used here......ie, being more of a center fielder than a run supporting safety.....this years defense will be asking the safeties to do some things that they haven't been used to, so some decisions and timing may be off at first and then corrected later or Brock's play may be effected all season.....i doubt the latter but, it is a possibility.
INteresting Dr.Z rankings. Not that I put stock in Dr.Z's rankings he is always dead wrong its kinda weird almost like a curse. No the interesting part is that he has the Dolphins 9th in the league at 9-7 getting into the playoffs as a wildcard, yet he has us defeating Oakland in the wildcard round, then defeating the Titans in the next round in order to end up playing the Steelers in the AFC Championship where he has us losing.
I saw that too ckparrothead. That wasn't Dr. Z's thing though. he only ranked the teams. We can blame the whole CNNSI staff for the whole 9-7 wild card team advancing to the AFC Championships...
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