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What Would You Give Up For...

Charlie Rivers

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Jun 20, 2003
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...walking the Dolphin sidelines during an entire game?
Not much, you can't see crap from down on the field. I would much rather watch it at home with my Tivo so I can back up the action and rewatch anything I want any time I want.
yeah, I would say not much. it's crowded... it's not like the players will be high fiving you or the coaches will be asking you for advice, you would probably get in the way more than anything.
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I've been on the sidelines numerous times for Hurricane games. Locker room, etc. It's a whole different experience.
I'm done having kids. I might give a testicle for such a chance (ONLY ONE! Still need the other one!). As long as it was removed with anesthesia, not "Grey Ruegamer"ed*.

* Former Dolphins offensive lineman who at one time castrated sheep with his teeth.
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my first MIA game ever, i was able to go on the sidelines before and after the MIA/NYJ game week 17 of the 08 season. Watching us EARN a playoff spot/division win/and favre azzkicking was amazing. the field experience was a once in a lifetime thing. watching warm-ups was awesome...have no idea how big half of those guys are until you stand next to them. also, it was like a party on the field after the game.

also had a state trooper escort us from a back parking lot area to the gated off parking area right outside the stadium. probably the best day of my life lol.
I thought the sideline pass meant you still had to stay behind a barricade, which is behind the players, the photographers and every other douchebag who's on the sidelines of a game. My guess it's not the best of views. Not sure how much it costs but besides getting to overhear a few interesting conversations I'm not sure it's worth very much.

Now... being able to mill about where the players are and watch the game from the true sidelines. That'd be worth something.
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