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Whats up with Mare?!

What the hell is wrong with him?He is 2/4 so far this year missing a 28 and 30 yard FG while drilling a 453 yarder.Should be 16-3 at halftime
Yeha Mare needs to spend a day next week practicing nothing but short ardage field goals to get back on track or something. He isn't concentrating too well it seems on the short ones. Reading too many of his press clippings or something. The 53 yarder you oculd tell he was focused as he nailed it dead on. I wonder if he just think it will drop in short without any effort from him.
Remember guys, the Phins are playing the Jets, and also their own heads. They are going to have to fight through this game, and hopefully pull out a win. The second half is going to be harder on them than the first.

They are now thinking, "well, how can we screw this up".

Our Offense needs to just step up and kick, cause it has been our defense that has let big leads dwindle into nothing in the second half. The defense needs to play the half of their lives.

Go Phins!
Maybe its cuz hes growing his hair until his wife gives birth(true story).Maybe he does better with shaved hair? lol
Hand the rock to RW 20 times in the second half, and watch Ricky run all over the Jets.

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