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What's up with the damn officials?


Ralph Wilson after this season
Sep 11, 2002
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Man, what the F**K is up with these damn officials? We were held on the d-line so many damn times agaisnt the Colts it was sickening. Yet they call a penalty when a cornerback breathes on the receiver. That is big time BS. On one play, the line held Zach. When Zach looked at the official, he had his hand in his pocket and tells Zach that he couldn't get the flag out. What kind of crap is that. These damn officials get paid gooed money to run along side professional football players. They need to make the right damn call, and keep it even, don't be biased. It seemed to me those refs all had Colts t-shirts under their zebra jerseys. Is anything being done about this?:fire: It just lights me up when the refs change the outcome of a game, even though we won, without their help. It could happen to anybody like it did to the Raiders against the Patsies last year. Just not fair how the a-holes could be so damn responsible for the outcome.

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m/b because we submitted Fletcher pass int call ag Det to the league - not that that is any excuse :fire:
i have to agree, it seems year after year, the refs sure do play a major role in the outcome of many games, not just ours.

i almost agree with dolphan39, as that was a rumor when shula was a coach, too. the refs would scrutinize us more than other teams, because shula was on the competition committee, and caused alot of problems for the refs. so maybe it's true with the tape of fletch being sent.

and maybe that is just a crutch.

basically, lack of penalties is the result of a well prepared team. i remember the days when we were consistently the least penalized team in the nfl. those days left when shula left. i don't know if wanny is lacking in fundamental (key word mental) preparation, or whether the players themselves are at fault.

but we do need to get this fixed, and soon, or we will be losing some games we should win, because of STUPID penalties. how many times have you people seen a drive stall, because of a simple offside at a critical time (red zone).

i don't think a pass interference penalty when the guy has beaten you for a sure td, is a bad thing. i'd take the first and goal, over the td, any day.
For my opinion, please see the "What the real problem Sunday" thread I started yesterday...:evil:
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