Whats your rebuild blueprint for the Fins?


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Jan 17, 2008
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I honestly don’t think they would’ve tore apart that oline by getting rid of Tunsil if they truly thought Rosen was going to be the guy here. I think they would’ve built it with Tunsil at the anchor for Rosen then everything else would follow suit. I just have this feeling they think of him as a great # 2 not a #1. Don’t hate JMHO.


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Jun 18, 2003
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So are players at all of the other positions. So you are telling me you would pass on a chance to draft a Patrick Mahomes because your offensive line isn't good enough yet? :laugh
If there are three others rated in the same tier?



Jan 6, 2011
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We clearly have to many needs, so best player available is way to go. Outside of Tua or Hurts no other QB is worth 1st round consideration. OL, DE, and CB are the most pressing areas we need. We are desperately lack a pass rush.


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Sep 5, 2011
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I think Tua is the best passing QB I've seen, still believe selling both Tua and Trevor is not out of the realm of possibility.

Would lose a lot of fans in the short term, long term you would be set up for a decade. 6 or 7 1st and 2 or 3 2nds plus your own draft picks.


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Apr 16, 2017
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Nothing is more important than QB! And I mean backup and development QB in addition to the starter. With Rosen and Ruddock we may have two of the three needs already filled. Next year there might be as many as four potential franchise QB's. We need to get that right first and foremost. Next years draft looks to be the best opportunity no matter what we think of Rosen. If our pick doesn't work out we try again in 2021. Quality QB's should be viewed as capitol for future assets and you need to be prepared if your starter has a season ending injury (or if that happens to another team).

Next we have to address the OL. I'd rather spend the money and get proven quality FA's but they rarely hit the market and one almost always overpays. Still I'd do it if I could. Draft what you can't buy. The only other place I'd spend first year assets is on the DL. I can't stress this enough, QB and OL must be set in year one of the rebuild no matter the cost. Ditto on DL in year two. So no WR's, CB's, LB's, DB's, RB's for me until the QB, OL, and DL are set. That would include quality depth on OL and DL too.

Later round picks in year one and two should be used on the glue guys like FB's, blocking TE's, return guys, kickers, and punters. Rounds five and later can often get you top shelf talent for these type of guys.

Year three is when I go get my skill players. Experience has shown you don't have to burn a first round pick to get quality WR's, CB's, TE's, RB's and safety. But year three is when I would consider a first round pick for some of those guys. I just wouldn't do it before then unless something special falls in the draft.

It is going to be painful and it doesn't help us to win a bunch of extra games in the first couple of years.

Lets also hope that by year three or four we have a promising enough team, with a strong enough culture, that we can take on someone like an Antonio Brown and have it work out for us.


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Mar 30, 2018
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Rebuild stats with putting Steve Ross behind bars together with the rest of swindlers in the building.
After that, first order of business should be getting Jack Del Rio to coach the defense, now. Not tomorrow. Now. Call him now.


Feb 5, 2006
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I´d put together a strong Oline first and then solidify the Dline and CBs . without that there is no rebuilding

1st rd - LT
1st rd- RT or G/C
2nd rd- DE
2nd rd- CB
3rd rd- DE/CB/G

QB in 2021 if Rosen does not pan out as thought.


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Nov 24, 2016
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1 Tua
1 Jeudy
1 Zuniga/Matos (DE) or Niang (RT)

2 Safety/CB
2 CB/Safety

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Jan 9, 2006
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You have to decide who you are and go for it....create an Identity. The Patriots have one. The Rams, Saints, Chiefs have one. Every time we changes staffs we change philosophies and never have the players to run that system.

Pass team? Run Team? Defensive team? etc. What are you hanging your hat on?

I start by firing Grier. I haven't like anything this front office has done in recent years.....extensions, FAs, picks, etc. He may not have been in charge of it all but he was part of it. I just don't see eye for talent and the plan other top GMs seem to have when building a team. The pieces just never fit. And if you try to sell me something positive on some players, don't.....49-10, 43-0. Talent, even young talent, hangs better than that. A couple of good young players on a 55 man roster should not be accepted.

Since we don't have a proven QB, you start there. We aren't sucking on purpose to keep Rosen. Cheap backup or trade bait once you get Tua....he Rosen only really comes into play if we can't get Tua (bc he stays in not bc we aren't the worst team in football).

To not kill your young QB, you need Olinemen and people to help him. So in our particular case, i build the offense and find pieces for the D when you can. Get a stud tackle. Get another solid OL....i always look for tackles (i like what Tennessee did with bookends) bc they are harder to find, but high graded interior guys tend to fall, so snatch one up. Sign some veteran FAs to fill in gaps and teach the young guys. But also be open to a stud pass rusher with one of your 1st rounders. Those guys are rare and have a much higher value.

We have young TEs, so i think we're fine there for now. No reason to overload a position with all our holes. We need more talent at RB and WR for our young QB.
- RBs can be found anywhere....usually round 3-5 has great value. If a large chunk of the underclassmen come out, this draft could be deep at RB and the value will be there. You only jump early for an elite talent....Swift, Taylor and Etienne.....only if the value is just too hard to pass. If one of those guys is staring at you early in Round 2, well......:ponder: Let the board fall to you. Might need a young vet to bridge.
- At WR, we desperately need a #1 go-to guy for or QB but i don't see the depth to wait too long or value in this draft over OL/Rush/elite RB. After the top handful of guys it gets thin quick. Again, it all depends how the board falls and if a top guy slips. Jeudy is incredible. Ruggs Shenault are intriguing. Might need to go FA route.

On defense.....Dline, Dline, DLine. Keep taking shots. Pass rushers. Then look for athletes and value/upside for LB/DB. It doesn't make sense to put a ton of picks/money on DBs if you have no pass rush or run defense. Even the top DBs can only cover for so long.

Ultimately though, you need to let the board fall to you. Stop jumping at roster holes. That only leads to guys like Juwan James and Charles Harris. There's plenty more but it's the point of drafting value and guys that will be great players. Assign a multiplyer to grades of high value positions (according to rarity AND according to your system) and rank accordingly.
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