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When do teams have to go down to the 54 man roster?

I believe by 4 PM EST today...

Originally posted by DolphinD
and who do you think the dolphins will cut?
I think 9 cuts have to be made. I think they will be

Henry Taylor DT(Good in scrimage didn't translate to games)

Ben Kelly DE(was terrible in the middle against Chicago)

Leonard Henry RB(Wanny all but said he'd be cut)

Jeff Ogden WR(Will be traded)

Dario Romero DT(We have to keep Greg German Tackle)

Kevin Rollins LB(Didn't do much on special teams)

Joshua Simonette LB(Didn't beat out Twan Russell)

Shawn Draper TE(Wanny all but said he'd be cut)

Jason Moore S(We already have 5 incl McGarahan and Gamble)

Ray Green(They didn't see enough of Lowe make room for trade)

I hope this cuts the suspense for you some.
so sheriff thinks donaldson will make it over green...... hum to bad green looked good in the spring and tailed off this summer. but i like his size and they are thin at quality dbs so maybe they keep both until next week then cut and sign .........i say donaldson is gone.........

moore still has an outside shot on special teams if they decide on 8 offensive and 8 defensive lineman
Ummmm Kevin Rollins got cut several days ago with Baker.
If we don't pick up a vet, then Symonette makes it IMO because Galyon is going to play with a cast.

I think Moore could beat out Gamble.

Romero beats out Grant and Taylor

Ray Green is your 4th CB if we don't get a vet.

I think we'll end up with 9 on the OL.
I don't see how we can keep only 8 on the OL. With as much injury problems that we have already had so far, and we haven't even played game one, we need to keep at least 9 IMO.

Do we really think that we will suffer NO MORE INJURIES on the OL? Not hardly. So, with that in mind, do we really want to pin our hopes on untested guys like Greg Jerman, or Troy Andrew?

Or, do we pick up a vet lineman for insurance purposes? I still say that we will re-sign Searcy, if we do indeed release him, when he is again healthy. I really feel that Wanny wants to get at least one year out of this off-season aquisition.
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