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When Do The Big Boys Get Signed????


Nov 28, 2004
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Ty LAw, Peter Boulware, LAnce Schulters, Bobby TAylor, etc, Are these guys gonna sign at the last minute, looks like noone wants to pay them so y aren't they cutting a deal to land with a contender or someting. Im very shocked that Boulware has lasted this long on the FA market if there is any other big free agent that i haven't mentioned please lemme know thnx

ur thoughts?

woah I didn't even know boulware was still out there. Maybe we should pick him up :goof:
dominizzo said:
i think we are good without him i think we need secondary help 1st off


I'm not even going to get greedy, and say "oh, sign so and so and so and so..."

I just want Lance. Lance would top off a GREAT offseason. He's the only one I hope for.

:pray: Please, let us get Lance Schulters!!
There was actualy a very good artical on ESPN.com about this by Len P.(No, I will not even attempt to spell his last name). Basicly at this point in the offseason teams do not have the cap room to sign them to big deals. Along with that, since it is May has come and gone and these big names have not signed with anybody yet, chances are there is a reason for that; an injury or something. At this point teams are concerned with signing their draft picks and not injured veterans. It is unfortunate for cap casualtys like Peter Boulware but none of the big names on the market are going to get much more than a two year deal, a thousand above the minimum
i think the players are getting offers... but they are waiting untill teams get injurys in the preseason... so they can make more money with a team with need
Fitz said:
woah I didn't even know boulware was still out there. Maybe we should pick him up :goof:

Boulware is out there because Boulware WANTS to be out there. he is taking his time in picking a team. He isnt in a hurry. I read an article on espn awhile back where he stated he was going to take his sweet time and think everything through, so im not shocked he hasnt been signed yet... im sure he has seen some offer sheets.

Also teams might wait to see where they have injuries and teams are all pretty close to the salary cap. Once TC starts and someone gets injured at CB, Taylor might get signed. Right now, look at us for example. We havent signed our rookies and we are tight on the salary cap. We could actually have a tight cap this year depending on Ricky's salary. You can have anywhere from 540k-3.5 million tied up in RW this year.... we just dont know. Give it some time and everything will fall into place.
Alot of these FA players will prob sign right before TC or during TC sometime. Somebody like Bobby Taylor will prob only get signed if a CB get injured.
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