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When visiting Dolphin country.....


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Aug 16, 2004
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This is for all of you Dol-Fans who don't live in the state of Florida such as myself. Have you ever visited Florida and was wearing some type of Dolphin apparel such as a hat, t-shirt, jersey, what have you and ever been stopped by native Floridians with a smile or a compliment? I know I have. It was back in the mid-90's when I was down in Disney World with my family and I was wearing a Marino jersey and all day I kept getting smiles, compliments and a couple high fives from people as I walked through Epcot. Definitely one of the most memorable days ever on a vacation. People though I was from Florida but I wasn't at all. Awesome experience. Do any other people who have stories compared to this? I'd like to hear them.
Well this is kind of off topic... but in the Bahamas, there's A LOT of Dolphin's fans there. When I went there on vacation, I wore my Phins hat and I got free drinks because of it. And the guy with the "Jamacan" accent didn't like Jay Fiedler. :D
Well I live in Patriots/Giants country. So when I was in the miami area, to see everyone sporting dolphins gear was a very cool experience. Felt like I was "home". :)
In Jacksonville, you'll get lots of compliments on Dolphin stuff too. Go figure. Lots of Fin fans here from way back.

Also, wearing a Marino jersey, you could just be seeing Marino fans.
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