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Where does Anthony Fasano stand now?


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Jul 26, 2004
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Bill Parcells told people around the game his Miami Dolphins were looking for a tight end in this draft.

Maybe not in the first round, but possibly as high as the second round.

Jimmy Graham was believed to be on their radar. Rob Gronkowski of Arizona was definitely on the Dolphins’ board in Round 2, according to a league source, but they went for Koa Misi instead.

Ed Dickson, Aaron Hernandez, Dennis Pitta, Garrett Graham, Clay Harbor — all were gone by the end of the fourth round.

So, was sometimes-maligned incumbent Anthony Fasano surprised when the Dolphins not only failed to draft a single tight end with any of their eight picks, but didn’t even sign one among the pool of undrafted free agents?

“They seem to always bring in a tight end, even if it’s a late-round tight end or a free agent, and it didn’t happen,” Fasano said during a recent charity appearance. “There were a lot of tight ends taken. It’s a good sign, I guess, not only for me but our group [that the Dolphins didn't draft one]. I think they depend on us.

“And as an offense as a whole [it's good] because they just drafted one offensive player. I think that’s a vote of confidence for our whole offense that our front office feels like we have the pieces of the puzzle already.”


With more three WR sets and less two TE set, I think Fasano should benefit from Marshall on this team. Marshall not only opens things up for Fasano, but for everyone else on offense.
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I hope he is standing on the line of scrimmage next to our left tackle . kidding I hope he has a great year and I do hope we use a three tightend and two wrs in a package and use a two tightend , and Polite with Cobs running in behine them on goaline situations to see if cobbs has improved

so in all honesty who is our best blocking te is it Fasano . I wouldnt mind seeing Haynos Camarillo and hartline line out on the near side and see fasano on the far side and Marshall way out on the far side. and see Henne throw the ball deep to fasano and Marshall and then throw it to Hartline in a mid range pass.
The only thing that this should tell you Fasano is that they had to pick a LB in the 2nd instead of a TE and every other decent TE was gone before they had them evaluated. What it really should do is spur you in the butt to do something this year, otherwise you'll be looking for a new team next year. More WR sets and less TE's (except on running downs).
I think the Fins had their chances to pick a TE, the fact that did not pull the trigger means something. Sperry impressed last year and they still have Nalbone. Mile Austin a former Monmouth alum did not exactly impress in his first year.
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