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Where's Eric Crouch Going to Fall?


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Feb 12, 2002
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I'm just curious as to what all of you think about where Crouch is going to be drafted and by whom. The guy has a ton of natural athletic ability as well as tremendous heart but doesn't have a clearly defined position at the next level. Mel Kiper wants to keep him on offense as either a half back or a receiver. I don't believe he has the size for the HB position; wideout is definitely a possibility though. Most "experts" have him going a safety; more traditional for an athletic college QB who doesn't have pro QB skills.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I was just curious as to what you all thought. :cool:
Tim Couch is the starting QB for the Browns...

You're thinking of Eric Crouch of Nebraska, I believe.
No WAIT...I know the answer to this one. Tim Couch will be drafted by the Browns, with the first overall pick in the first round.

I AM a genious. :D

According to Ms. Cleo......Tim Couch will be drafted by an expansion team in the NFL draft. Good words has it that it could be Cleveland Ohioans. LOL!

It was really late when I wrote that, and I knew I was screwing something up but just wanted to ask the question. I'll edit it.:eek:

I had momentary brain dump.
Originally posted by Dolfan984
Hahaha, you see the comments for that?
sounds like he's needs to have a long talk with his buddy Frost
Eric Crouch is a crappy QB, he says he could play QB in the NFL, but so did Bert Emanuel!! Best QB in the draft is by far, David Carr!
Eric Crouch was so overrated in college. He never threw the ball, I have no idea what the hell he was doing. He will be drafted in the sixth round as a safety.
sounds like he'll end up as a S in the NFL or a QB in the CFL
If Crouch keeps up this drivel about being a QB he may not get drafted at all!

Unless he pulls something really special at the combines that convinces someone to take a flier on him in the 3rd/4th as a QB he will be a 5th or lower round pick as a safety/WR/Jim Jensen lookalike.

He might even grow a beard.
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