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Which Team In The NFL Wants A Piece Of The Dolphins!


We Are Still Going To The SB
May 24, 2002
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Who want to come test the best ? Measure up our team from CB's, to RB'S, to WR'S, and Etc. We match up with any team, at any position. Who ever wants it please come get it.!!
I think the Pats match up well. Our 2 games against them will be nail-biters......
Being from where I am (MASS New England) I know tons of people who say BRING IT ON. I wouldn't be so ****y. I'm very excited and optimistic about this season but I've been this way many, many times before and been dissapointed in the end. I admit this season does stick out more than others for my optimism but the DAMN Patsies are just wasting people. I believe the Chiefs game will be their closest game yet but that doesn't say much seeing as though they've won by 37 and 16 so far. I will be in South Florida for the Miami vs New England game and absolutely can't wait. I think this JETS game will be the story of are season as it always is. We either take the next step Sunday and become a true elite team or we are the same old Dolphins. I know everyone will try to stay postive even if the JETS win Sunday but lets be realistic guys it won't be easy.
It's never easy... every team wants a piece of Dolphin this year, especially after the hype with Turner and RW...
I gotta say ... the NE games scare me... I'm nervous, yet optimistic about the Buffalo and NY games... but the friggin Pats scare the bejeezus out of me right now.... :(
The BILLS don't scare me right now since they got all those yards against a very POROUS VIKINGS DEFENSE!! The Phins will beat them!! The Jets suck but they always beat the DOLPHINS so that is always a concern!! I think you could take a high school team out there Sunday and dress them up in JETS UNIFORMS and they would beat the PHINS!!PSYCHOLOGY! As for the PATS they don't scare me at all!!! We should have swept them last season if it wasn't for NO POINTS 3 times inside the RED ZONE!! This year I think we are 9 for 9 inside the RED ZONE!! Plus the PHINS just match up well to the PATS!! The PHINS WILL SWEEP THE PATS!!! THe JETS I JUST DUNNO???? PSYCHOLOGY????
Besides all division games. The scariest team we will face outside of the division will be the DENVER BRONCOS. They have the weapons on offense to light up the scoreboard, but their defense has been tearing it up this season too. This is the team that will give us a run for our money. True dogfight to the end.
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