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Who do I start???


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Sep 3, 2001
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Wow, what a week. OK guys I need some opinions. I have Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper on my fantasy team. Now that Randy Moss has been ruled out of this weeks game because of his arrest, I DO NOT want to play Culpepper either. BUT my backup is Jay Fiedler. Normally I would just naturally start Jay, but I am a little worrysome about his finger injury. Kansas City has the worst Pass Defense in the league, which is a boost for Jay, but will that finger have any effect on him?? Give me some opinions guys!! Thanks-chambers84
At least until the whole thing in Minny plays out I'd start Fiedler, injury and all. He should put up good numbers vs a terrible KC D and you just don't know up in Minny.
with moss a question mark for sunday because of his arrest you have to go with fiedler -- he hasn't made many mistakes can rush a bit and should get the ball in the endzone and get you some decent points. The vikes have nothing going on offesne - they said his finger is sore and he is fine -- go with JF no doubt
anybody wanna laugh...i acquired jay the night before the jet game for vinny. the guy i traded with ended up having too many players on his roster(after making other moves) and dropped vinnie the next morning. anyway, jay should put up good #'s vs a porous KC secondary w/ a broken finger, hand, arm, leg, and neck.
I just read on kffl.com that Jay will not practice on Wednesday because of his finger. I am concerned now about starting him. DAMN!!!
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