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Who do we play first this season?

Cedric_Benson said:
I cant wait to open up havock in our first game of the season...

Only if i knew who it was we played....lol

Lets kick some butt dolphins, i see brown rushing for alot of yardage!

you should change your name from starter to waterboy :roflmao:
I hope JT and Roth smash him good! I'm a Buckeye fan looking for my pound of flesh I guess................:wink:

They will have to tackle him on the bench, no way is he the starter week 1, he may not even be second string by then........:cooldude:
Hummer H23 said:
Welcome to the NFL Mr Clarett :fire:

I want our new acquisition Roth or Bua to knock his lights out on special teams.
DonShula84 said:
where've you been, the schedule came out awhile ago :confused:

OK enough all ready, YOU have to stop this. Every time I see one of your posts it's almost word for word of what I'm thinking in me head!

STOP IT! I liked it better when we disagreed more often than not. :D
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