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Who has the better defensive ???

Who has the better D?

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Neither of those teams can stack up against Miami's D. Miami has no holes on D except for maybe depth. They really do not have a weakest link. Their secondary is excellent with three potential Pro-Bowlers and a developing safety in Freeman. Their LB corps is solid with Pro-Bowler Thomas in the middle and an improved Greenwood and Rodgers on the outside. And of course the D-Line is solid with JT, Burnett, and hopfeully DG on the outside and Chester and Bowens locking up the middle. Id say 5 players from the Dolphins could make the Pro-Bowl. If only the offense could be on the field longer and give the D more rest.
If we're all healthy, we have a great D
i agree, i dont know why everyone questions our DL so much, and i also dont get why everyone thinks the stillers d is so great either. I have another question, do you think that the departure of Cox will have an affect on NE's D, i hope so, a negative one i mean.......
He was such a great leader, I think it will. The patriots didnt have that great of a team last year, just good chemistry. This is seen in their rough start (due to lack of talent) and then the team solidified and played excellent the rest of the season and carried the momentum into the playoffs. Now they still dont have a much better D, and have lost some of the glue holding them together. I am not saying they will be worse, they still have a lot of their leaders. I see them taking a wildcard.
You know what makes those defenses better than ours?? Defensive Coordinator. Everyone knows we've got more talent than those two squads. And not just "talent", VETERAN talent. But those teams are stronger on D because their coordinators put them in better position to excel. Same with the Eagles.

All three of those teams have coordinators who not only attack you from all over the place......but they also throw different coverages at you and make the offense adjust.
If you look at every great defence in the NFL ever they all have 1 thing in commom...a very good running game; moreover, a offence that didn't turn the ball over. '72 Dolphins, '85 Bears, '86 Giants, '00 Ravens all their offenses kept their D on the sideline with a sound running game and a QB who didn't turn the ball over. I think we have all the peices to have great D, but we need help from RW and Jay. I think if Jay can keep his ints down around 10, and RW gains 1200 yards this d will carry us to the superbowl.
i agree with muck...when the offence prepares for a game against us they know there arent really gonna be any surprises...vanilla is the word, and we ate that vanilla against the rams
Is Miami's D better than the Stillers and Pats? Well lets look at the numbers and see.

Yards per game allowed, Pitt was the NFL's best allowing 258 per game. Miami was 5th allowing 288 per game. and the Pats were 24th allowing 334 per game.

Perhaps the most important one, points allowed per game. Pitt was the NFL's 3rd best at 13 points allowed per game. Pats came in 6th at 17 points allowed per game. Miami was 11th at 18 points per game.

Passing yards per game went like this, Miami was the NFL's best at allowing 176 yards per game. Pitt was 4th at allowing 183 yards per game. Pats were 24th allowing 218 per game.

Rushing yards were, Pitt was the NFL's best by allowing only an amazing 74 yards per game. Miami came in 17th allowing 111 per game. Pats were 19th allowing 115 per game

Int's were, Pats 7th with 22 picks, Miami 15th with 17 picks, and Pitt was 21st with 16 picks.

Forced Fumbles were, Pitt 14th with 27 forced fumbles Miami was 16th with 26, and the pats were 22nd with 23.

Pass Deflections were, Pats leading the NFL with 247, Pitt 9th with 230, and Miami was 19th with 209.

Sacks also saw Pitt leading the NFL with 55 sacks, Pats were 13th with 41 sacks. Miami came in 20th with 37.

I think these stats show that our D is clearly a few steps behind the Stiller's D. We have a top 10 D, but the Stillers have a top 3 D. I think it is almost impossible to say our D is even comparable to the Stillers D.

These stats were taken from NFL.com
The Steelers have had a lot easier competition to face than the Dolphins, and that continues this season.
we have more talent than the steelers!!!!we just have a sucky defensive co-ordinator that believes we dont have to change anything goin into a game...we didnt use 8 in the box last year because we didnt practise it at all!!!that sounds horrible to me!!!we didnt blitz much because we didnt practise it...how we can go into a nfl season not prepared is beyond me!!!20th in the league in sacks shows the lack of blitzing, and the lack of ints shows a lack of pressure on the qb...our defense is lacking just becouase of the preparation that goes into the games...from week to week our defense should change to whom our opponent is...and at the drop of a hat our defense should be able to adapt to what the offense is doin...
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