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who is better ?


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Apr 6, 2005
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the other they on espn i was looking sportcenter and they said that josh reed is by far better than chris chambers, but i chek the stats and thats not wath i saw

RECEIVING STATSYEARTEAMGGSRECYDSAVGLNGTDFDFUMLOST2002BUF1623750913.842223112003BUF16165858810.126233112004BUF121161539.6200800CAREER44--111125011.34246422

RECEIVING STATSYEARTEAMGGSRECYDSAVGLNGTDFDFUMLOST2001MIA1674888318.474735002002MIA15155273414.159338102003MIA16166496315.0571150112004MIA15156989813.07674500CAREER62--233347814.9762816821
danita said:
am soory i paste bad the stats

:roflmao: yea, soory too..Ju paste bad the stats, eng ju was looking sportscenter the other day.:lol: :lolcry: :hitself:
i dont need the stats to know chambers is better than josh reed... just watching chambers and you know hes great even if he hasn't had the chance to put up those great numbers...
lol, its funny that you had to post a topic about this.

no brainer. chambers is better. but J. Reed is still young, but if he doesnt get his act together and start playing like a 2nd rounder, he better step aside and let aiken play.
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