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"Who is the NFL's next superstar?" Golic says Chambers

Merrill Hoge is one stupid mother. No offense to LaMont Jordan I think he's quite good and could be a 1000 yard back if he started but thats exactly the point. He's not starting. He's got future hall of famer (thats right I said it) Curtis Martin in front of him for the next 7 years. And in the near future, the only opportunity Jordan will be given will be in goal line and redzone situations. Sure he can get some yards and TDs that way, but unless the Jets are returning the wishbone offense the man will see a max of 500 yards in relief of Martin. Next SUPERSTAR???? C'mon here!

I love LaMont Jordan and think he'll do well but he's got to find a different team if he wants to be the next SUPERSTAR. Curtis Martin is the best RB in the league at staying injury free.
martin must go down, and he must go down hard......

"Curtis Martin is the best RB in the league at staying injury free"........

WELL, maybe the finz defense can do something about that this year!! :evil:
That'd be like a lesson in futility, since knocking Curtis out only means Jordan steps in and probably does pretty darn close to the same job.

Its like going against Detroit and hoping to knock Mike McMahon out of the game...do that and you got the only guy in the game that could hurt us, Joey Harrington, in there. Just like when we knocked Chris Chandler out of the game and nearly lost because of it (thanks a lot LoBro). Not saying Jordan would hurt us MORE than Martin, but Jordan would probably be able to do close to the same job against us.
I don't know what Jordans contract is but I have to believe he is going crazy sitting behind C. Martin knowing he has serious talent and could show case it with another team.

IMO when his contract is up and Martin is still the undisputed starter we'll see Jordan with another team.
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