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Who is your favorite Fin?

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Who is your favoite dolphin on the field (last year)?
- I cant say RW, so im gonna say Chris Chambers, he made the most heartstopping catches last year, that took my breath away.
:rolleyes: first bills game in buffalo :rolleyes:

And off the field?

- Cant decide, everyone on the phins are awesome, and living in Miami, I know, I cant tell you how many times i have read in the newspaper, that players have done comm. service, playing fb with kids, they are all great guys. One time i was in a pizza place, and zach and jason walked in and bought everyone in the pizza place a pizza pie.

THATS IT .....

:monkey: jets, patsies, and bills
I would say that my favorite player is Zack! It is really hard for me to choose, but I love his heart and hussle. Other players I like are Gadsden, Chambers, Wade, Madison, Taylor, Gardner...hell I guess I could list the entire team! Maybe it would be easier to say who I don't like or want on the squad.:)
The question
Sam Madison
Mr. Lockdown himself
You test him he will give you a A for afford but a E for trying
Originally posted by SprBwl2003
Sammy Madison
Funnym but Sam is almost like rooting for an OL as your favorite player because no one throws the ball towards his guy enough for him to make loads of plays :D
My favorite player...Travis Minor...don't even know why. I just like his effort. He kicks ass on Special teams, had a 4.8 YPC average running the ball, and has great burst.

Jay is another guy I like, and Zach has a ton of guts.
My all-time favourite Dolphin is Bobby Humphrey.

I don’t really have a favourite current Dolphin, by if I had to choose, I guess Oronde Gadsden.

I am embarrassed to say once upon a lonely time my favourite Dolphin was Keith Byars (sp?)

I am also a long time Chuck Klingbeil fan

Honourable mentions:
O.J. McDuffie
Zach Thomas
Sam Madison
Brock Marion
Richmond Webb
Trace Armstrong
Larry Izzo
Dan Marino
Bernie Parmalee
Terrell Buckley
Bernie Kosar
Keith Sims
Louis Oliver
Aubrey Beavers
Pete Stoyanovich
Aaron Craver
Jeff Dellenbach

There are many others too, but I am tired of looking up the correct spelling of their names, and you all don’t probably really care who my favourite Dolphins are anyways, but I still enjoyed doing this.
Chris Chambers...but I think as soon as I watch Ricky take a handoff in preseason.. Ricky.

Heading down to Miami this week to get my #34 jersey.
Fave Fin

Used to be Troy Vincent. Now it's a tie between Jammar Fletcher and Chris Chambers.

Did I mention I'm a UW alum?

Marino's my all-time fave, of course. Also loved John Offerdahl.

Hoping Ricky Williams will become one of my faves this season!
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