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Who the hell is Omare Lowe?

A CB. I don't like this pick at all.

Omare Lowe
DB | (6-0, 195, 4.6) | WASHINGTON
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Had an extremly difficult childhood. Option quarterback in high school who was a hurdles champion in the 110-meter high hurdles and 300 intermediate hurdles. Redshirted in 1997 while moving to the secondary. Played in nine games and started once in '98. Was suspended for the '99 opener after allegedly being involved in a fraternity fight but played in every other game and started twice. Started every game at cornerback in 2000 and the first 10 games in '01 but saw very limited action in the regular-season finale because of a shoulder injury. Had 10 tackles, three passes broken up and one interception in 1998; 20-3-1 in '99, when he was often the fifth defensive back; 30-9-2 in 2000; and 40-9-1 in '01, when he was the key player in Washington's big win over Michigan. In that game, he blocked a punt that resulted in a touchdown and returned an interception 21 yards for a second touchdown as Washington came from behind to win 23-18 after trailing early in the fourth quarter.

Positives: Has excellent size for a cornerback. Uses his size well. Can read and react. Has a pretty good feel for coverage cushion. Has gotten a lot tougher and really improved his tackling. Can and has played safety.

Negatives: Has marginal speed for a corner. Will struggle with man-on-man coverage, especially when he is backed off. Is not sudden. Lacks catch-up speed. Has a high, upright backpedal. Will drop some balls he should have intercepted. Is not a big hitter or great tackler for a safety candidate.

Summary: Has marginal speed and movement skills for corner. Will not be able to play outside on a regular basis in the NFL unless the team he goes to is a zone-oriented team. Could move inside if he continues to improve tackling and hitting.
32nd rated DB

at least by this guy: http://nfl.kffl.com/features/nfl_draft/2002/reports/kgraff-dbs032802.shtml

though he did have him going 6th round:

CB Omare Lowe | Washington | 6-1 200 | 4.54 40 Time
Lowe played both corner and safety in college. He was a very good college corner, but may not end up there in the NFL. He should have a decent shot at developing into an above average player at either position.
Ranking: No. 176, 6th Round.
Someone on another board pointed out that he's just like another Washington CB we drafted a few years ago.......Brian Walker.

Could end up being great for depth, since McGarrahan and Gambe aren't really much for safeties.
Although I will probably get a lot of crap for this, I actually kind of like the pick. Seems to me like he is a hard-hitter and is fairly big for a d-back. We can rotate him in and out at whatever position we need. I seem to think he will be used more as a safety and special teams guy than cornerback, the CB next to his name is misleading. He obviously can be a big game player (see his game against Michigan last year, blocked a kick and had an interception return to help Washington comeback and beat Michigan in the 4th quarter). He is one of those guys we can teach. He had a bad childhood and used to play quarterback. Since he is fairly new to the position, he may do really well with good coaching and all those star veterans around him (Madison, Marion, Surtain). Almost on the clock for our other 5th rounder. VICTOR ROGERS PLEASE!!!!
i was hoping we would get a DE, but i hope we are tinking of using him as a safety, cause he doesn't sound like much of a corner...I dont like who we've drafted except for maybe MCkinney, he seems solid, i would move hom to guard cause i think ruddy still has a few years left in him!
Hey Breck!! I agree. It is sinking in now. This guy will be a safety. No question. I'm liking the pick now.
lol, wow, I am usually the most controversial person on this board. Now I have 2 complements in a row. Whoa! LMAO. Anyways, you gotta give every player you pick a chance. It looks like to me that we are trying to draft guys who can change the game in one play. With either a big hit, a huge interception, or a huge kick return. These guys are going to improve our special teams unit, an area where most teams aren't very good. Obviously the coaching staff doesn't feel that anyone on the board can contribute to our team in the near future at our "need" positions so they are going with guys who can contribute on special teams and possibly end up being guys who are very teachable and have a huge upside and could possibly turn out to be stars 5 years from now. I hope I am right too.
Don't these picks suck or what?

McMichael and McKinney are decent, but we could of had Metcalf and Jarvis Green!
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Don't these picks suck or what?

McMichael and McKinney are decent, but we could of had Metcalf and Jarvis Green!

Is it possible that the FO, who have spent 1000`s of hrs watching film, doing background checks and personal interviews may have a leg up in their choice of players........over us???

hmm.............certainly possible.
No way. We armchair QBs are f*cking masterminds!!
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