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Who wants the Ravens?


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Sep 3, 2001
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I say we tank the next 2 games and rest our guys for the next 2 weeks. That way we have a fresh team and we go back to NE for our first round game.

I would rather play NE on the road, especially fresh, than Baltimore at home or the Jets at home. What do you guys think?
if we los 4 in a row, you can be sure we will lose the 5th, too. I would rest guys like OG and Haley, etc and try to get some momentum going into the playoffs by beating a so-so Falcons and miserable Bills team.
we are going to win the rest of our games this season
we are going to the superbowl this year and we are going to win
excuse me, but you must be lost, you are on the Fins board, not the Rams :p :rolleyes: ;)

With the injuries, we are starting to remind me a lot of our 38-3 season.
I agree with you 39, but every year we kill ourselves at the end of the regular season and eventually get killed.

This year it seems like we can have 2 consecutive bye-weeks to get rested and then make a 4 game push and I would like to see us take advantage of it.

YOU AGAIN!!!!! I LOVE YOUR OPTIMSM!!!!!! IT'S EVERYWHERE AND IT'S FIRING ME UP MORE ANd MORE.....I'll take whoever I can get....the stmt to blow our last 2 games so we can go up to N.E. to play the Pats in -30 deg. weather is insane. I want the Jets. They are our wall. BREAK DOWN THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i'll take whoever we can get. BTW.....we'll kick the Ravens asses......
well dw2
i think that if you are fan even if you lose two week in a row you are still goinhg to cheer them on so i am a big fan of the miami dolphins for a long time so i cheer them on ever game so we are going to win and for all the dolphins fan out there that think we aree going to lose well you got somthing coming

go fins
I think we need to play our next two games to win....YOU MIGHT CALL ME CRAZY BUT WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN THE DIVISION. We win our last two games, thepats lose to carolina and the yets lose to oakland and we have the division...lets just have some faith in our team and cheer on the others to help us win the division again....!!!
ALSO...If denver can upset the raiders we could still have a forst round bye...I know alot has to happebn but i am hoping it does!!!

If you guys want to give up on the phins thats fine I won't I hope this whole situation comes true and we have a first round bye and a division title.

I am from Baltimore and being home for winter break I have seen the Ravens play in a few games since I have been here. We shouldn't be scared of them at all. The defense only plays its best against the real bad teams. I think they would be really tested with our offense. Plus there D has as many injuries on the D line as we do, maybe even more. So they shouldn't be much of a problem. Some of you think Fiedler is bad, Least he ain't Grbac. The Ravens pay him all this money to be no better then anyone else they have ever had.

Jets, maybe third time would be a charm this season

The only way I see us losing in the postseason is how we lost all year, we let ourselves beat us. Hopefully it is true and the playoffs are seen as a new season to the Phins!
I wouldn't mind playing the Ravens...Like eckerdguy said...Grbac is not all that..That is their weakness...If the Bengals' D can hold them..Why can't we?
Grbac was really good last year, what happened? When he signed with Baltimore I thought they would have a really food shot at repeating as champs, the D would be dominant again, they would have the running game, and would now have a passing game. They don't have a running or passing game this year, so I am not scared of facing them.
Who wants the Ravens? Screw that, I want a cold barrel in my mouth as i slowly pull the trigger:evil: . Screw it, what else is there right?:evil:
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