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Who's going to win awards this year?


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May 7, 2002
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What do you guys think?

Here's my picks:

Offensive MVP: Faulk
Defensive MVP: Urlacher
Offensive Rookie: William Green
Defensive Rookie: Roy Williams
God, that is so hard to predict. Can't really argue with your picks, but it really could go any direction!

O MVP - Warner
D MVP - Kearse(if Haynseworth and Carter play up to their ability)
O ROY - Wiliam Green
D ROY - Ryan Sims
Offensive MVP-Shaun Alexander
Defensive MVP-Zach Thomas (if he stays healthy all year)
Rookie Offensive MVP-David Carr
Rookie Defensive MVP-Julius Peppers
Offensive MVP-Drew Bledsoe
Defensive MVP-Pat Williams
Rookie Offensive MVP-tie between Josh Reed and Mike Williams
Rookie Defensive MVP-Thomas, Kevin - sleeper of the draft


ok - I have no idea ask me right before opening day :o
faulk should probbably win offensive MVP every year, even with the games he misses. green's a good bet for the offensive rookie award, because he's stepping in to fill a huge need (like tomlinson last year). as for the defense, i can't even guess.
I think William Green has a good shot at the offensive ROY. Typically, rookie RBs have the most success because their position isn't as big an adjustment as the rookie QB's and WR's. They (the RB) has the best chance of putting up good numbers. And you know an OLman or a TE (another tough rookie position) is going to get it.

William Green has a shot because he's probably going to be the starter from the get go. And Butch Davis wants to run alot. Duckett is mired inbetween Warrick Dunn, Jamal Anderson, And Maurice Smith. DeShaun Foster is in Carolina, but so is Lamar Smith. Combine that with the fact that they don't have a Norv Turner steering that offense, Foster likely won't produce the way Tomlinson did. It will be interesting to see how Carolina compares to the 2001 Chargers as they follow up their 1-15 season.

Anyway, those are the only teams with rookie RBs in the mix.
Two ways of looking at this

Fantasy picks:

OMVP - Ricky Williams, breaks all records for combined mileage.
DMVP - Daryl Gardener, with a sack record as new DE.
ROMVP - Randy McMichael owns the TE spot under Norv.
RDMVP - Seth McKinnie makes RW big.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth

OMVP - Donovan McNabb (Can't keep a mobile man down)
DMVP - Michael Strahan (another sackfest)
ROMVP - Carr (get's straight into the saddle and rides)
RDMVP - Quentin Jammer (Texans give him time and he makes it pay)

It seems a long off-season...:lol:
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