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who's going to win the ravens-steelers game?

ravens just

i think and hope that balti can win a tight game, i dont like stewart and it may depend on 2 things.

1) which balti turns up, hot cooked i hope

2) is the bus gonna be back
i'd like to see a ravens victory..............

but i just don't think their offense is good enough to break the steelers defense! :(
If the Bus does not play this week, it will be too much for the Steelers offense to overcome B-more's defense.
The bus should be back...but I still think that Baltimore will take it :evil: :D Their D has been clicking here as of late and Grbac has been getting into a pretty good rhythm :cool:
A better question

Is what the Hell are you people doing on the message board at 2:30 in the morning????
Well, miadphan13 is a party-up all night type of girl from what she tells me :p and dolfan06 works at night so he either got on when we got home from work or was sneeky and got on during work :goof: Then the others probably couldn't :sleep: LOL :D
This is a tough one, but the Ravens will win a close one by shutting down the Steelers running game. It will be very low scoring, Ravens win 10-7.
The Ravens have to win this game. The Stealers remaing games after Baltimore look pretty easy, so if Pitt pulls off the victory our chances of taking the #1 seed in the afc wont be very good. Does anyone know who would take the tie breaker if Miami and Pitt finished in a tie for the #1 seed?
when i get home.......

if jaydog can't sleep, we bs for an hour or two.

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Oh the single life is great :D :p LOL I'm being sneaky right now getting on here ;)
Just look at the two matchups:

Ravens D versus Steelers O
There is no way the Steelers offense will score more than 10-13 points versus that defense. ESPECIALLY if the BUS is out.

Steelers D versus Ravens O
Same kind of match up here. A smothering defense versus a pathetic offense. Ravens shouldn't get more than 10-13 points.

Special Teams
Here's where the difference comes in. Kris Brown versus Matt Stover??? Not even close. I think the Ravens win this one for one reason, they have a better field goal kicker. That's how close this one is but the fact that Brown sucks will be the steelers doom against the Ravens and whoever they face in the playoffs.
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