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Who's your favorite playmaker?


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Sep 4, 2001
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Just wondering who made the biggest plays today. Zach had some good hits I thought, and Chambers and McMichaels and some great catches, as did McKnight after returning from that Butterfingers commercial.:rolleyes: Surtain had a good game back and Madison did pretty good too. So who was your player of the day? :cool:
My favorite playmaker of the day was J.T. His level of intensity never faltered the entire game. But really, with few exceptions, the entire team stepped up. Surtain is so fun to watch. I missed him out there. He and Madison each had an int. Ricky was mugged the entire game but still managed to bring in over 100 yds rushing. Jay played a solid game and even had a rushing td. Forget it, I am going to tell you my LEAST favorite playmaker of the day...Mare! What is up with that? Okay so he missed a FG but hello....who misses an extra point?
I think the 2002 Dolphins have a lot of playmakers, but for some reason, I can't but think now of the way Sam Madison intercepted today, maybe tomorrow I will think fo someone else.
Wow I feel so much better I just read that the extra point was blocked. I didn't get off work in time to see the first quarter and my hubby said he missed one and I was like.....what? Not again. Okay I take it back. He is not my least favorite playmaker.
Green for falling on Ward's fumble... If he doesn't recover that then NE continues to gain momentum and Miami very possibly loses the game.
Surtain because it was just nice knowing he was back........doin' his thang. :)
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