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Why don't we....


May 17, 2004
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make a push for Phillip Rivers. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of Ronnie Brown or Cedric Benson in the back field next year but this draft is loaded with backs. I think it would be nice to land Rivers and have San Diego send us either a late first round pick or maybe even a 2nd rounder so we could nab maybe JJ arrington or that barber kid. Everyone is happy we get our franchise qb san diego locks up brees with a long term deal. Its a beautiful thing.
His contract would absolutely destroy both us and San Diego if that trade were to happen. Not that I really care about San Diego, but we already are going to have issues signing our draft picks.
Because we can get a franchise RB in this draft, and the QBs in the later rounds have the potential to be Franchise QBs.
Rivers wouldn't fit our offense well either. Look at the qb's Linehan has had in his offense, they all have strong arms. Rivers has got a good arm but not big to make big plays consistently in the passing game. If we were to do that trade then I would only take it for our 1st for their 1st and Rivers.
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