Why is draft position so important?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by multistage, Dec 4, 2017.

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    After all, we’d just **** it all up. Right?

    Harris? Well.....We’ll see.

    Tunsil? Hit or miss.

    Parker? Oh man....

    Point is, this team has a history of doing not too good with the high draft picks. Be that due to FO or whatever, it seems to me that the last decent 1st rounder we grabbed was Ryan Tannehill.

    You know, the guy that even the haters are missing. Badly.

    I expect that the season is wasted. For lots of reasons that we all know about.

    We get a 1st round pick no matter what. Question isn’t what position we pick at.

    Question is, will we get it right?

    Oh yeah: Dion Jordan......
  2. Tureo

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    Since we screw them up let's just trade all draft picks
  3. Gofinyourself

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    The draft isn't really that important other then to get fresh meat into the NFL. Every draft there are a handful of college prospects who get way more hype then they deserve, boost their contract numbers, and end up busting, playing mediocre, and very very rarely, change the game. Every teams hope is to get that 1 player who they can build off of or he's the last "piece" of your super bowl aspiring team.

    Most of the time it's the QB position. After that, it's mostly offense, and after that, defense. It's a complete crap shoot. Just look up your favorite players or players who have changed their teams dynamic, you'll be surprised how low they were drafted or how unhyped they were.
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    Not knowing how to scout and pick players is a different animal. Obviously, if you know what you are doing, the earlier you pick, the higher chance you get the player you covet without having to give up other picks. The draft is the way to build a team under a salary cap. Young, cheap players that outperform their salary is the way to win. For example, if we were drafting first overall in 2016, we could have picked: Goff, Wentz, Bosa or Zeke. Would rather have either of those than Tunsil, but they were gone when we picked. In 2015 we could have had Gurley, Beasley or Cooper, but we got Parker. Higher draft position opens up your options. In 2014, there were nine pro bowlers taken before our pick. We could have had either of them.
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    I kind of think the team is better off drafting somewhere in the middle of the pack. I say that because the primary needs are speed/athleticism at linebacker and offensive line. Those aren't usually top 10 players, but the team could easily go there in the mid first.

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