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Why not Dave?


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Jul 21, 2002
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Dave why do you not ever pursue talented players that could help our team and come cheap? I understand a chemistery issue, but a player that has talent and can help this team get to their goal of a SB better would be welcomed IMO.

Darnay Scott just signed for the min. he has speed and solid hands, filling a role that McKnight currently does and I bet most would agree Darnay would beat him out for that spot for only 450K against cap.

Victor Green is a hard hitting S who would have added nice depth and would have came here a long time ago if we'd have just offered him a deal.

Levon Kirkland would have made me feel much more secure if an injury to Zach were to occur.

All these players could have been had for min and cost a total of 1.35 mil against cap then take off the 3 players figures they would have replaced and you get all three for much less than a mil dollars against cap. There are many other players left out there who fit this bill and would help out but will Dave wise up and help the team get better for a run or will he sit back and hope his "team chemistery theory" holds out?

Let's hope with all the cap room we have he'll take the smarter approach and upgrade the talent base w/o giving up any more draft picks in the process.
I just realized if I'm gonna write about it I should learn to spell it.

It's team "chemistry".
Be paticent Phinstd...tng camps will let some depth go and we will benefit
It's simple, phinstd...

<< Dave why do you not ever pursue talented players that could help our team and come cheap? I understand a chemistery issue, but a player that has talent and can help this team get to their goal of a SB better would be welcomed IMO. >>

Simple, phinstd...
NFL players are human beings with feelings. THEY ARE NOT POSSESSIONS.

Darnay Scott was assured by Tom Coughlin that the starting job is his to lose. If he comes to Miami, he knows that he'll be COMPETING for the #2 WR job opposite Chambers. And considering McKnight and Gadsden already have a bond with Fiedler, it is entirely possible that Scott would have started the season as our 4th wideout.

Victor Green is NOT going to New England to be strictly a backup/insurance policy. He will rotate with Tebucky Jones at FS and he has familiarity with Bill Belichick. Considering the playing time Green will get and the fact that he made the pro bowl under Belichick, why in gods name would he come to Miami?

Levon Kirkland signed with the Eagles to challenge Barry Gardner for the starting job. Even if he loses out, he'll get a lot of playing time. Zach Thomas, on the other hand, never comes off the field. So again, why would Kirkland even CONSIDER coming to Miami?

And just for the record, I would love to bring in either of the 3 players you've listed. But why would these players sign if it does not benefit them professionally or financially?
I agree with your points. Green however would compete with Freeman for the job. And even said he would have loved to come here but we didn't offer him a contract.

Scott would win that competetion as I made valid points for in my post.

Kirkland yeah I see would prob not come here unless he actually saw a benefit to his career to be a backup as it would prob add a few years to his career.

If you'd like to talk financially, well as you know, Flroida doesn't have a state income tax and that's worth quite a few thousand to those guys.

I am being patient, and I wouldn't even hold it against any of the players for going to a team they feel is a better fit, but Dave doesn't even pursue these players at all. Instead he seems steadfast in his belief that this team is strong enough to win it all. After watching our performances against the better teams in the NFL last year I'd have to say we aren't ready yet.
Excellent point NYF. I just have a few more to add.

Darnay, ok...he's playing for the minimum. OH MY GOD. Never expected that. I thought he's easily as talented as McCardell. So I guess I really agree with you why in the heck didn't we offer him a bit more than the minimum so that he wouldn't mind the fact that he's competing for the #2 job rather than being GIVEN it.

Victor Green the bottom line there is, we dont need him. We have depth at safety. Trent Gamble was becoming pretty good before getting injured. Shawn Wooden is probably about the equivalent of Victor Green, and its not like either Brock Marion or Arturo Freeman are injury prone. A Victor Green signing would just be a replacement of Shawn Wooden on the roster, and Shawn Wooden is a team player, a locker room and community leader, and you expect us to cut him in favor of a JET of comparable talent? C'mon lets be real. Wooden consistently gets praised as one of the most community active players we have!

Levon Kirkland couldn't possibly be a worst fit for this team. Being completely serious. He's been PLAYING at above 300 lbs lately and he's slow as molasses. Sure he's a hard hitter, but there's a reason he's making the vet minimum. Our MLB needs to be FAST and be able to run around making tackles with no offensive linemen getting in his way. Levon is a hole plugger, a guy who can probably whoop an OL sometimes but it wouldn't matter on this team because the defense is designed so that no OL could ever touch the MLB (except Kevin Mawae).
Yeah I agree Kirkland is not an ideal fit for this team and he really was just a player on the top of my head. But would you rather have Hendricks in the game if something happens to Thomas? I'd rather have a vet playing the most important position on our D.

I couldn't disagree more about Wooden, this guy is horrible and is nowhere near as good as Green who has been underrated for awhile now.

Scott was my main beef,but it still seems as though Dave does not even want to improve the team for fear of messing up his famous chemistry.

Hey I really just need something to talk about until the season starts.
Wooden is not bad, he's experienced and he's played the position before the way we want it played and he's done it well. Victor Green MAY have the slight edge but he doesn't play special teams the way Wooden does and thats important. Wooden meanwhile is a community leader and a very active phin. I'm sorry but it just would not have been worth the move to replace Shawn Wooden with Victor Green and Shawn Wooden currently occupies the only position on the roster we could offer Green. Shawn Wooden will most likely contribute more to this team than Victor Green would because our Safety position in general is not one that is prone to injury, and our particular players are guys that are not particularly prone to injury either. So Wooden will contribute on special teams most of the year while Victor Green does not...
Oh yeah, and I would much rather have Tommy Hendricks filling in for Zach than Levon Kirkland given the nature of the position for us and thats just the truth. Hendricks is faster and better equipped to run around the field chasing people.

Lets face it there's just not many people out there for us to sign and we're going to just have to keep an eye on the waiver wire during training camp in order to fill up the money we saved on the salary cap. Unless we make a surprise bid for Sam Adams.
I hate when these non educated mother****ers come on this board and say why we dont do this and why we dont do that. All the positions you have mention we have plenty of competition and depth already. None of those sorry ass people you mention are wanted period or would beat out any of the current players on our roster. Dave did not just start putting this team together yesterday you know. This team has been in the making over the last few years. Get a clue. We dont need to add any of those players to our team simply put. I wonder have you been following our transactions and player movements over the off-season. You really sound clueless..
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actually, they would cost less against the cap than 1.35 mill... vet min only counts 250K despite whatever the players vet min salary is(based on experience) :D
Ummm 450k Mouldsrocks.

Anyways Darnay would not beat out McKnight because McKnight has been learning the hardest position in Norv's offense. The slot reciever. When McKnight was chosen to be the slot reciever he pretty much got a guarenteed spot on the team no matter what. You can't just throw anyone into Norv's slot reciever last minute. It takes a lot of learning time.
Thats funny I didn't think Norv even HAD a significant slot position. I certainly didn't see one in Washington.

He certainly doesn't have a significant 3rd WR position. He uses 2 WRs on the field probably like 85% of the time or more.
VanDolFan you shout insults and remarks but are the one ending up sounding DUMB! McKninght is playing the outside WR position opposite of Chambers. He played the slot last year, did you watch the games?

Yes I have watched the offseason and trust me I've read your posts and you don't much about football other how to spout off remarks.

Yes Darnay Scott is better than McKnight but you have your opinion so fine. The team does not have great depth anywhere really as you pointed out. Depth is defined as having a plyer to come in and play to level at or slightly below the starter for that position. Where do we have that except for maybe O-line?

S- uh no. LB- please. WR-maybe. RB-we know the answer to that.
DE-yes we do. DT-no way. DB-forget it!

So if you think that is a team w/o need for tweaking good for you. Trust me VanDolFan I know much more about football than you. You prob never even played pee-wee.

I merely want Dave to consider improving this team with players who can contribute on field. I do like alot of our young guys but if someone else is better than someone else is better.

On the salary cap comment yes I know it would cost less than a mil I was merely keeping it simple.

Wooden counts 900K against salary cap this year as opposed to 450K for Green...not a whole of difference in talent but a huge difference in salary.
I meant CrazyDolPhan not VanDolPhan. I apologize to Van.
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