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why not?


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Apr 20, 2005
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mexico city
the fins have a great offense with chamb,marty,boston,mcmik,ronnie
a great o -line coach and an amazing off cordinator

next on deffense we have very talented players like jt zach seau sam and more , we are the convination of experience and young players

so i know that is a new sistem and everithing but why not to think in playoofs and no in 8-8 season ,maybe i am crazy but its true
i think AJ may endup being a decent QB and you do not need a great qb to be good in this league. If you have the parts around him, a trent dillfer or kurt warner could make your team history.
You are falling victim to the difference between a team on paper and their performance on the field. There have been many times the Fins should have gone to the SB on paper. Unfortunately, they didn't produce on the field.

The reason for optimism is that we are on an upward trend. That is obvious. To have such high expectations for a team that played so poorly last year, even with the changes, is just not rational. To use the word "great" is delusional.

Don't get me wrong, I want to win the SB this year. It's just going to take some more talent on both sides of the ball to even make the playoffs.
The SB is without a doubt a wee bit lofty;however the Ravens set a precedent for just how far a tough defense and efficient offense lead by a running game can go. I believe that we can surprise folks with how well we bounce back. All of this is reliant on a smooth season, free of crazy injuries.
I'm worried about the O-Line!
Theres alot of things going against us not to make the playoffs. We have a good team on paper, but how is our chemistry going to be? All of our players need to learn a new system and our defence is going to be totally different. Yeah we drafted brown, and i like him... but still he is not guarantee. Our defensive secondary is slim. Now i think theres a chance we can be .500 or possibly better, but ALOT of things will have to fall our way for that to happen.
"we dont have a good Qb" whann whann
Aj is obviously good enough to be in the NFL. Saban must see something in him because all he did was bring a guy who is a career backup to BACK HIM UP. (ok he started a bit in Washington, but not much in the past few years), and we havent seen what this guy can do with an O-line to protect him, an offense that is well thought out (all missing last year), and some new coaching. Those of us that watched closely last year, in Dec. AJ was improving. I am not saying he is pro bowl bound this year but I will say it again--He only needs to be ok for us to win. we have a lot of talent around him and a defense that wont let games get out of hand. Be positive, I for one feel alot better about my beloved Dolphins now than I did about 8 months ago!!!
Doktor Ivel said:
we dont have a good enough QB

I wasn't expecting much from you. I strongly believe Feeley stole your girlfriend away.

Wait till training camp at least...
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