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Why o why?


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Dec 12, 2001
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How come when stupid Bills fan come to this site we have to stoop to their level? Remember football? It used to be fun talking about it.
Hey now :D

I don't eat and breathe football stats all day and night. I don't dream about draft picks. I just wait for them to be drafted. This may be the (N)o (F)un (L)eague, but I'm gonna have some damn FUN!!!

Bring on the smack! :evil:
Intelligent trash talking is 1 thing, stooping to the level of posting dolphins in skirts is elementry. Litterring our pages w/trash is stupid when the other team in question is 3-12, and even if they beet they still stink and our team is still going to the playoffs. I am saving the trash talking till i find out who our first round opponet will be, the Bills don't really concern me.
it isn't about the playoffs, it's about AFC East rivalry. Makes no difference if the Bills are 3-12, it's about facing off one last time to end the regular season.

If you hate it so much then don't read it.
as long as they stop comparing Kelly to Marino - please
After I read the other threads I saw it... what kind of morons think it is even possible to compare Kelly to Marino. Marino is one of, if not the best quarterback ever to touch the ball. There is no denying that. I mean, they renamed the quarterback record book "Dan Marino's Stats".
Originally posted by MarinoFan4Life
what kind of morons think it is even possible to compare Kelly to Marino ?
Bills Fan :eek: :lol:
at this point, I would say Thomas is the 3 or 4th best MLB in the NFL behind Lewis and Urlacher. If that is overrated, you have not watched Zach play especially his outstanding pass coverage skills for a MLB.
This season, he has played just as well as Lewis and Urlacher. Today they announce the Pro Bowl team, one Dolphins who will definetely be on it is Zach Thomas.
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