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why would the bucs.....


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Jul 31, 2004
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why would the bucs trade up with miami? i hope they do but why would they not trade up with the browns? they will not have to give up as much and they will still get there qb, tampa knows saban is bluffing on taking a qb, or is gruden dumb enough to think we will take a qb?
Why would Gruden have to be dumb if he thinks we're going to take a QB? Feeley didn't exactly shock the world with his talent last season.
Yep tampa is in the same situation as us...They have brian griese, he looks ok like feeley does, but theres an oppurtunity to get real blue chip talent at QB. We are in the same boat and I think we really are considering picking a QB up at 2 which makes us a strong person to trade with if a team is looking for QB.
I dont think the Browns would pass up on Smith... thats why they gotta get up 2 #2.
Because both Tampa Bay and Cleveland need a quality QB. Griese is serviceable but not lights out. If we do not take a QB, cleveland will. Tampa knows this and hopefully will make the trade.
vmarcilfan75 said:
cause Browns want a QB as well.

sorry guys i forgot that the browns need a qb, i feel like an idiot this is the stupidest thread i have ever made sorry
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