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Why You Are Unhappy About Day1


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Apr 6, 2005
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Ronnie Brown is sexy.
A sexy pick that is. It is an offensive skill position, and the pick feels sexy because it fills a mjor need on this team. For me, offensive skill positions get my juices going when they are picked or acquired. I tend to investigate the profiles a little more deeply when we draft a RB, WR, QB, or a TE. How excited can you get when you hear an offensive tackle had 67 pancake blocks in his three year career? That does little for me.
I would have been more juiced up in the second round of the Jets Kicker if we would have chosen him because I know the kicker is usually the leading scorer on a team, and Mare isn't getttin any younger.
But the bottom line is this. We need young DEs, and LBs, and now CBs just as bad as we need WRs and QBs. I would love to see Saban grab us a prospective WR and QB in the next two picks because I know it will be a little boring to me if we dont.
IM preparing myself for the fact that this morning will perhaps not include a WR or QB, but my guess is that it is just as likely to bring us a CB and offensive guard. They are big needs too.

We all long for the Dan Marino days of puting points up on the board at will, and we dont have the players to repeat these games of Christmas past.
Saban may feel we need a CB, lineman, and a injection of youth on defense moreso than we need sexy WRs and QBs. It is sad to admit this to myself, but I must also admit, Saban knows a hell of alot more about football than some schmuck like me.
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