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Wide receiver from CFL


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Fins looking at Crebet's big brother

OK - he is just a lot bigger than the midget and looks like Crebet:

from http://www.gopbi.com/sports/football/dolphins/01/24notes.html

• A new addition? The Dolphins are one of many teams to show interest in 6-foot-3 wide receiver Marc Boerigter, who helped Calgary to the Grey Cup in the Canadian Football League. Boerigter caught 116 passes for more than 2,100 yards and 22 touchdowns in two CFL seasons


sounds like a good pick up, except he does not return punts...
he is good...

but i have my doubt about WR from the CFL coming south...

I've seen him play against the Montreal Alouettes and he seems like a good player but in the CFL, WR have a couple of yards to run before the line of scrimmage...So against man press coverage, he's a ?.

Remember last years when we sign Al Johnson WR form the Winnipeg?
Does anyone know who is after that white wide reciever from the CFL.I saw on ESPN where this tall white fellow is trying to make it in the NFL and he's tall with 4.4 speed.Don't know much about him other than I heard Atlanta and Green Bay are after him.Just wondering if Miami is bringing this dude in for a tryout.I still think we need another tall fast WR other than Chambers.Gadsden is great but McKnight is more of a forth receiver.We need another big burner,Ricky Williams and like Dirtycasholdin said Olin kruetz and Jason Fabini and we'll defenitly be better on offense.
Thanks for any thoughts.
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