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Wild Card Winners???


Nov 28, 2004
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Dolphins Stadium/Montreal
I say Chiefs Upset Colts- 31 -28

I say Pats win 23-7

I say Gmen Pull a stunner!!! 21-17

Dalls wins Big 31-14

Post your thoughts and scores!!

ID like to see everyone'e Projections
Chiefs over Colts - Colts can't stop the run,. LJ is one of the best in the NFL do the math.
Seattle over Dallas -I 'll take Hasselback over Romo.
Patriots over Jets - The Jets are too inexperienced.
Eagles over Giants - The Eagles are smokin' right now.
I think the Chiefs will upset the Colts for this AFC Wild card game. The Colts still have a major glaring weakness at stopping the run, and they have allowed Ron Dayne to have a field day on them, so what is one of the best rbs in the league with Larry Johnson going to do to them.

The Cowboys and Seahawks game in my opinion is the biggest tossup for me compared to the rest, because both teams have problems on defense and in the secondary especially. Both teams will score points on each other, but I think the deciding factor will be Matt Hasselbeck and his leadership and experience compared to inexperienced, young Romo. So my right now, I think the Seahawks will win.

For the next AFC wild card game, I think the Pats will out the win. As well as the Jets have played, I think the Pats have less flaws than the Jets. The Jets run Defense still does get gashed, and the Pats have a good tandem with Maroney and Dillon. While the PAts have the third best run D, and most teams have a tough time running through them. A solid run D will always keep a team in a game. Plus, Brady, and Belicheck. I think the Pats pull this one out, but it will be a pretty close game between these two division rivals.

And last but not least. I hope and think the Eagles will beat the Giants. I hope they will, because if they do, they will play the Saints, and I think this team has the best chance of beating the Saints compared to the rest of the NFC teams in the playoffs. I think the Eagles will win it, because they are hot, and they have been playing great, along with Garcia playing like the Garcia for the 49ers, with him being on a good team and the right system for his skills. The Eagles also seem to have be fairly solid overall, wheras, the Giants still have issues with Eli, execution, penalties, effort, etc. So I think the eagles will win. But, you never know when division rivals play each other.
Chiefs over Colts
Seahawks over Cowboys
Patriots over Jets
Eagles over Giants
Chiefs over Colts 34-31

Pats over Jets win 27-10

Giants over Eagles 23-17

Hawks over Boys 34-24
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