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Will the injury bug hit the AFC east?


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Dec 12, 2001
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The Pats and Dolphins have pretty tough competion before the big showdown next week. They are both on the road to play a couple of underated AFC West teams. The Pats play the undefeated Chargers, and the Dolphins play a very tough Cheif offense. Both teams will have to make this trip knowing a few of thier key players are out. The Pats will likely miss to anchors of their very tough o-line(C Woddy, G Andruzi), and their pro bowl Wr troy Brown. Things don't look good for MVP canadate Tom Brady playing a very tough Charger D, who is desperate for respect, with his top 2 protectors and go to guy on the sideline. On the other side of the ball is where the Dolphins are feeling the bug. 2 of their top defenders are nurseing injuries and both will be game time descions. Jay Taylor who would figure to be the only hope for the Miami d-line stopping the leagues 2nd leading rusher, preist holmes, will likely play but will be hindered with a knee brace and it is doubt full he will see as much playing time. Pat Surtain who could most likely feast on the int prone Trent Green doesn't seem like he will suit up for the 2nd straight week. It will be very interesting to see if these 2 super bowl frontrunners will be able to overcome the adversity from the past week.
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