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Will we trade out of the 1st Round??..

I thought we might last year and we did not: so I say: No. Unless we trade our #1 pick for a player.

Unless the RB/OT or DT of their choice is still on the board. I'd be very surprised to see them draft any other position in the 1st round. Remember they don't have a 2nd rounder (traded to Philly last year). To be honest, I haven't heard anyone Miami's interested in specifcally. I suspect that McKinnie, Williams, Pearson are ultra high on their list but I don't see them trying to trade up to get any of them as it'll cost too much to do so.

Man, wouldn't McKinnie look great in Aqua and orange? A fella can dream, can't he?
I used to think trading Pat for a high first rounder, like the Bungles was a good idea until I heard a rumor that T Owens may be on his way to NJ :eek:
No way!

Do you have a link you can forward me? I know a certain 9er fan who'd find that very interesting let alone myself (and every other Fin fan).

Should that come to fruition, I'll have even more reason to dispise the enigmatic Owens. Great WR though.......
I live in the NY area and heard it on sports radio - I think...
I haven't heard about Owens coming to NJ and I live in NYC but then again I don't listen to the assholes on sports radio here or in the papers who hate the Fins. As for trading our first rounder, that is something JJ would of done, and those were all mistakes, so no I hope we don't trade down.
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