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Williams and Disorders

I really think that this is going to be a case of 'what have we done!' in NO. Oh well, thier loss!!! I really don't think the deal was all that bad. Giving up a first and 4th, then a 3rd. So by moving our first this year, and our 2nd last year, we picked up Williams and Greenwood. Not bad at all. And how often do those 3rd and 4th picks even make the team? Especially on a team that has a lot of talent already like this one? Wonder if Wanne trades those 3rd and 4ths together to go up and get a 2nd?

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a 3rd and 4th will most likely make the team. A 6th and 7th may not, but we have no depth at many positions. I think anyone drafted at o-line can beat out Perry for a roster spot. I still think Perry is the worse starter in the NFL. Our two third-rounders last year made the team and had considerable playing time in Minor and Greenwood. So I see no problem for our 3rd and 4th rounders to make the team. Besides, no one would trade a 2nd rounder just for a 3rd and 4th rounder.
87 - I can't thank you enough for finding that article and I hope EVERYONE reads it. I also hope our insensitive jerkoff rivals read it because I know we are going to hear about it all year! :yell: Ricky is NOT a head case. I am so glad he is here with Wanne and I hope the entire Dolphins organization gives him the positive support he needs to manage this illness. I have had panic anxiety disorder w/ bouts of social anxiety disorder for over 7 years now, so I know how mentally crippling this illness can be. I wasn't born with the illness, so it's not a chemical imbalance like his sounds like. I was more so involved in 2 life threatening events that have changed my life forever. I didn't physically react well to Paxil or other drugs, so I have learned to manage this illness through therapy and the positive support of family. Ricky will be awesome for our team because he is beating this illness more every day. I know because I can say the same. :) I hope he does become the spokesman for Paxil because then, more people won't feel scared to get treatment due to being judged.

I am sooo excited about getting Ricky and I hope everyone will lay off of him for his uniqueness and focus more so on his abilities. :D

You all can have Feidler because Ricky's my boy. :D Welcome aboard Ricky!! :D
i remember us trading a 1st for a 2nd to get pat surtain
Your welcome Miad. :)

We didn't trade a 4th rounder for Ricky, we swapped 4th round picks with the Saints. In essence, we traded this years first, and anywhere from next years third to first for our new R.B.

I think we should stay with our current picks, unless of course we get a 3rd for a comp pick. Then package the third and fourth to break into the second round and pick the best O lineman there.
I read that article earlier 87, and agree it's a great article. It's hard to believe that Miami's had such a run (no pun intended) of felons at RB. It's amazing that in all these years not a single RB has emerged as even a good running back for more than a season.

It's also great to see Williams going after the Paxil spokemanship, it shows character and class. If he continues his treatment, he'll overcome his illness and will become the Hall of Famer we all hope he will become.

Great Attitude+ Great Heart + Tremendous Strength + Awesome Running Ability + Receiving Ability + The 'Fins - The Saints - Entire Draft Class Pressure = Ricky Williams in the Pro Bowl and 'Fins in the Super Bowl :D
Sammy Smith went to Apopka High School which is 15 miles from where I am and that is where he got in trouble with the law. He was crap anyway because he used to fumble on the goal line ALOT, so we traded his ass to Denver.

:monkey: Sammy "fumbleitis" Smith
that was a great article

and in the Herald :eek: sounds like Ricky and Fins are on the upswings of their careers; in Ricky's case his life.

I basically look at the trade as we gave up another possible John Avery and a 3rd next year (maybe a ST player) for the guy who is going to contend for the AFC rushing title. :cool:
Yes MD13

Inmate Sammie Smith did fumble a lot on the goalline...
One I believe was on my birthday costing them a game against Detroit and the other one was returned 99 yards for a touchdown against KC taking a game that was about to be 7-7 and making it 14-0...


I must give LeBatard some credit, I thought I was the only one who remembered Chuck Muncie in a Dolphins uniform, not that he ever showed up to play.
All I can say after reading this about RW is WOW!.
I never knew about his problems.
He may be a little "quirky", but, a bad person, or, crazy, no way.
Let's hope that he can keep his problem in check, and keep his outlook on life as positive as it seems to be now.
And it is good to see that some of those bad decisions he made were probably just the result of youthful indiscretions.
I think we have a winner .
I just wanted to say that I am new here. I really think this board is the best I have ever seen. There is none better!!!

Now On to Williams. I read a article about Ricky have a "anxiety" disorder. Anybody who has this type of iilness knows it can "cripple" the mind. For Williams to get this far in life says alot about him.

I do not know if this board has addressed this topic? But let's give Williams full support(I know most of you are) and then add 100 percent more!

I have similar disorders as Williams does, I understand the frustration at times.

Williams will make his mark on the Offense. He is the missing "piece" to the puzzle!

Fin Fans this up-coming season will be special! A big HELLO to all the die-hard Fin Fans!!!
Welcome to the board! :D As I have stated before, I have had Panic Anxiety disorder and Post Traumatic Stress disorder with bouts of Social Anxiety disorder for the past 7 years. It is very life altering, but can be overcome with positive support and therapy. :)

Let's P-A-R-T-Y!! :goof: :drinkers:
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