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Williams is ready to run in Miami

We'll see what the hype is in Dec. I'm enthustiac but I'll take a 10-6 team healthy and peaking going into the playoffs over an 11-5 hurt team with a bye any day.
YEAH RICKY!!!!!! I had no idea he wanted attention..... im so glad he is back to collage form.... he was the Emmit Smith of the NCAA!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!
That picture in the article is awesome! It gets me pumped just looking at him hurtling over defenders in a still shot in training camp! I can't wait until he's doing it for real! :jumper:
Seems like the old adage...

...a change is as good as a rest is true for Ricky - I like his attitude and he's obvious been positively influenced by the "grown ups" in the Dolphins organisation. I can't wait to see how this offense plays when it's on the line.

Last year was so frustrating at times. maybe we should have a poll to see how many games fans think the Dolphins will have won by halftime!! Last year I don't think there were any (except when the Je...no I can't bring myself to say it, hurts too much, beside I mean really won not nearly won). :lol:
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