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Williams makes mark in 1st training camp workout for Miami

It's a catch 22 during camp. If the offense has success, then we all worry about our defense, and vice versa.
GREAT news...

Originally posted by dolphan39
Williams makes mark in 1st training camp workout for Miami not that exciting, but promising

... and like they said in the article anything beyond the LOS in the middle drill is encouraging. Plus hearing that RW's looks faster than normal is a good sign. If Norv is going to use him out of the backfield it's always better to be lighter.

Well I do know this. Usually our defense is so far ahead of the offense in training camp that its ridiculous. Last year the offense was able to compete with the D some more. This year I wouldn't be surprised if our offense mops the floor with our guys.

But our Defense will be happy come regular season games when they don't have to go against the likes of Ricky Williams, Chris Chambers, and perhaps even {gasp} Jay Fiedler.
well they will sure as heck find it easier ag. the Lions ;) :lol:
As Dixon says:

``You see No. 34 back there and you say, `Wow, he's a stud,''' guard Mark Dixon said. ``If we can let him do his thing, he can carry us some places.''

Who has the witing :we didn't have a pro bowl olineman until emmitt showed up. A good back sometimes make a good line..It's still early, even the defensive guys are looking..when they get use to Ricky and start tackling..then we'll know.
RW was a sweet pickup for you guys. With Martin of the Jets also twice on our schedule 25% of games are against top RBs running at the Bills thinnest area. The gut.
The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner is a power runner, not a breakaway threat, but he looked quick sprinting out of the backfield for passes.

How can he not be considered a breakaway threat after pilling up all those yards in college? I remember seeing him rip of a few long runs for td's.
The D-has always been miles ahead of the offense since I can remember. Especially during the start of Training Camp. But that was not the case today. It was a battle between both units. One good play for the offense, and one good play for the Defense. Another good play from our Offense, and another good play from our D. Every unit is in competition because we have that much talent, coaching, Scheme across the board. Our Offense right now is so much more fluent with motioning, shifting, and route running. I have never, ever seen our O resemble that creativity and movement before, it's not as simplatic like it's been in the past. There's so much more to worry about. I also think that will make our Defense even more prepared when we go up against some of the top Offense in the league. Not to many OC can match the skills of Norv. So if our D is seeing that throughout the year in practice, we are just going to dominate.!! . I am so ****ing excited about this upcoming season that I want to buy my plane tickets to SD right now.
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The Saints made him gain weight, and when he left they complained that he never made big runs.

Actually those reports are false. RW's second year he reported to camp around 250 and not in real good shape. Last year he reported in at 235 w/ 7% bf and in the best shape of his life.
statistically in 2001 he was not a break away kind of runner, here were his longest runs by Month:
September 21
October 46
November 18
December 18
January 14 (1game)
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