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With Mcgarrhan And Gamble As Flyers...


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Jan 27, 2002
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I was extremely happy to see the Dolphins re-sign another one of those "golden retreivers"...S/S-TEAM player....TRENT GAMBLE.
GAMBLE from day 1 has made his mark by hustling down on special teams...but before he got hurt last season....he was also making strides as a cover safety....having come in on the dime packages...usually covering up the TE.
The Dolphins and Keith ARMSTRONG in particular....must be salivating the thoughts of both TRENT GAMBLE and SCOTT McGARRAHAN....both on opposite sides of one another..flying down on special teams. Both have not played together....as SPIELMAN....in one of his very best scoops of the waiver wire....tabbed Mcgarrahan up to the roster....when GAMBLE got injured. Now....both will be fetchin' the ball...and this should be fun to watch....like a friendly competition on who will make more plays....GAMBLE or McGarrahan.

Now....all we need is a PUNTER. I think I have been saying for weeks now....that is time to start bringing in some punters....and with MATT TURK up in NEW YORK right now talking to WESTOFF...it really is time to move on. MITCH BERGER and KYLE RICHARDSON...are out there.

LB COREY MILLER is a guy who nobody is really talking about....but the Dolphins think he can be a nice backup at LB....and also play on special teams. He is at camp...and is in fantastic condition.

A guy who is in much better shape this season after being released by the DOlphins last year.....is behemoth sized GUARD...JAMIE NAILS. He seems to have come in with a real desire to make the team this season...and that would be as a backup Guard.

Just a tidbit about RICKY WILLIAMS.....he has been hanging around with QB...CADE MCNOWN.... must go back to some of those college All-star appearances in 98-99..or somthing like that. WILLIAMS just bought himself also....another car. One of those fancy EXCURSIONS...look out if you live down here.

Yes....there is more BUZZ than I have ever seen in quite a long, long time...as a resident down here. Everyone is coming in and asking for RICKY stuff....whether it be AUTHENTIC JERSEYS....bobble heads....cards...whatever. Just a note....TODD MCFARLANDE will be releasing a WILLIAMS figure...in a DOLPHIN uniform. His figures are one of the top sellers in the sports novelty market...a must get! Also...first releases of AUTHENTIC NFL JERSEYS will be released from REEBOK....(only the top names)...in mid-APRIL. Right now.....the HOTTEST thing in apparrel has been THROWBACK JERSEYS. MITCHELL NESS....out of Philadelphia and DISTANT REPLAY out of ATLANTA are some of the best dealers for that. DAN MARINO's 1984 throwback in WHITE has been a great seller. This year...between CHRIS CHAMBERS and RICKY WILLIAMS....I think this will be a record year of sales for DOlphin stuff....

And by the way...if you have a 1984 Topps rookie card of DAN MARINO....and you think it is in perfect-mint condition...get the card graded. A customer just fetched 1000 dollars for a 9.5 from BECKETT GRADING SERVICES...the card undgraded is still hovering at 100-120 dollars retail. The key to the Marino....is the centering of the borders.

I am personally looking for the LEGENDS STARTING LINEUP PIECE OF LARRY CSONKA...if you want to sell it...let me know.

DCH, do you mean Corey MOORE? The backer from Virginy? If so, THAT is excellent news. Wasn't he a former first rounder?
Yeah, I know about Rookie Marino Card....

I have four of the off centered rookie Marino Cards and none of them are in mint condition (long story) :cry: .
I don't see a Corey Miller on the roster but since you SEEM to know more about the phins than I do, I can't say for sure that there isn't such a person.
Don't let me take time away from your important "Jed Weaver/Ogunleye post", but I would appreciate a response.
A simple yes or no would suffice.
Here's a little info on Corey Moore from the Official website.

Name: Corey Moore
Height/Weight: 5-11, 225
Position: Linebacker
Born: 3/20/77
College: Virginia Tech '00
Acquired: FA, 2001
Signed Through: 2002
NFL: Second Season
Dolphins: First Season


2001 -- Signed a two-year contract with the Dolphins on December 26, 2001... Was released by the Cincinnati Bengals on September 2 after joining the team off waivers on August 23... Was a member of the Buffalo Bills in training camp before being waived in August... Appeared in nine games during his rookie season, starting four of them, in 2000... Amassed 20 total tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery... Third-round draft choice (89th overall) of Buffalo in 2000... Was a three-year letterman (1997-99) at Virginia Tech... Played in 33 games, starting 23 of them... Recorded 166 tackles and 35 sacks during his collegiate career as a defensive end... As a senior in 1999, posted 60 tackles and 17 sacks, and was a first-team All-America selection, as well as the recipient of the Bronko Nagurski Award (college football’s defensive player of the year), the Lombardi Award (nation’s top lineman) and the Dudley Award (top collegiate player in Virginia)... A native of Brownsville, Tenn... Prepped at Haywood High School... Was born on March 20, 1977.
Thanks, but I know who Corey Moore is and I've been curious to see how he performs ever since we signed him. I think, he had some injuries or some off-field problems that have kept him from playing time. I know, I read that he was looking forward to a fresh start in Miami.....I just want to know if Corey Miller, that DCH mentioned, is actually Corey MOORE. I think it probably is, but DCH knows for sure.

I really think he is going to be a player who makes this team.... like you guys said....maybe he just needs a fresh start. He had a lot of ability coming out of college. We will see Moore on special teams....I think the Dolphins are looking at him as a backup....in the role similar to a TWAN RUSSELL and a SCOTT GALYON...who was released this off-season. He is very fast...that is all I know right now.
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