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Worse Betrayal? Ricky in 04 or Saban in 07?

Worse Betrayal

  • Ricky in 04

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  • Saban in 07

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May 20, 2002
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Saban by a MILE imo.. I completely bought into what this twirp was trying to sell.. It all turned out to be completely BOGUS! The biggest TOAD I have ever seen... I shouldnt be surprised, considering he is friends with Bellicheck, who pulled a similar stunt on the Jets. After this incident, my hatred for Bellicheck and the Pats even grows..
Saban. I've learned to forgive but not forget yet accept Ricky Williams back. Saban will never be welcomed in this city, period.
what are you guys sayin....ricky ruined our whole season 2 years ago and the whole teams morale
I think what Ricky did in '04 is worse in the way it affected the team and organization because we have yet to fully recover from it. As much as I dislike what Saban did, he atleast gives us a chance to go in another direction before it was too late.
If the next coach decided to totally rebuild, now is the year to do with so many of our players being free agents.
Saban wins this easily, Ricky quit because he saw the crappy o-line that had been put together. Add that to how many carries he was going to get to carry that team on his back. Oh yeah, smoke a little too, can't blame him their.

Saban quit for the money. I cant stand that guy.
Ricky was already busted and he knew it when the rest of the world did not. He had three strikes on him already when he quit. People forget that. He quit because he thought he was dead anyways and he wanted to smoke. People just used his quitting to get back at him. He had quit long before that in his pshychy.

Another point. Saban is a Head Coach, and Head coaches can be easily replaced. Ricky Williams' cannot.

Saban knew all along what he was doing to this team. It is Saban no doubt, but I am kind of glad he is gone now because I think our offense should get better (OC for HC).
In my eyes and no questions asked its Saban. Ricky is still paying the Fins back the money he owes but Saban has left the Fins FOR money. Dont even bother putting Ricky Williams in the same ball park as Nick Saban because Ricky is a football player who had mental issues whereas Saban is a man whos plainly put Bucks before higher ambition. He's lied to the owner, the press, the players and every Fin Fan. Heard he handed his notice in by speakerphone. Speakerphone for flips sake!!! The man is gutless and i am really thinking now do we really want a person like that who cant even face the people who put faith in him? His agent was doing the talking to Alabama whilst Saban was giving it the blah blah blah. Lets hope we get a HC with some real credibilty, attitude and honesty then maybe it will rub off onto the players. Something it obviously hasnt done the last 2 seasons.
Ricky was way more shocking and a way worse betrayal because # 1 the reason he left was shady (to smoke pot), # 2 he left right before training camp (where were the Dolphins going to find a running back a week before training camp), and # 3 that turned a playoff contender into a # 1 draft pick contender, a place where the Dolphins hadn't been in decades (when was the last time the fins went 4-12 in a season before 04?). We've all kind of known Nick was leaving for close to a month now so it's not as shocking as waking up and hearing Ricky was retiring with no press conference, no nothing, just Wanny standing at a podium confused not knowing what the heck was going on!
What Ricky did was worse, but he didn't intend to betray the team. I think he was in a great deal of emotional pain and got caught up in the reefer because it's something that eases his SAD.

Nick has no such excuse, so what he did was worse as a betrayal.
Saban is worse. Ricky quit. Saban lied to everyone, said he wasn't gonna quit and then quit.
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