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Worst over, or worst yet to come?


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
On the outset, it would appear that the worst is yet to come. Despite having played teams like Indianapolis (4-1) and Denver (4-2) the combined record of the teams we've played is 16-17. The combined record of our opponents from here on out is 29-26.

But consider our own record and it helps to show things a bit better. We're 5-1. Subtract that from the 16-17 record and it shows you the record of our opponents against teams other than us...which is 15-12.

But then you have to do the same for the Jets and Pats in the 29-26 record and you get 29-24.

So, overall, our opponents for the first 6 games are 15-12 (.555) against teams other than us, and our opponents for the last 10 games are 29-24 (.547) against teams other than us.

It ain't gonna get any easier from here on our fellas....with games in Green Bay (5-1), home against Oakland (4-1), and home against San Diego.

And worst yet, the game in Green Bay is most likely going to be started by Ray Lucas, not Jay Fiedler...barring some miracle. At least if that happens, then we get cream puff teams like the Jets and Ravens right after Green Bay...for Jay to get healthy and/or get back into rhythm.
I wouldn't call Baltimore a cream puff team. They still have a very good defense and will challenge the Steelers in the AFC North.
I think the worse is to come, but that isn't necessarily bad. I mean, look at it this way. Even if we go .500 with Lucas until Jay gets back (let's just say he's out 7 weeks). We're then 8-4 when Jay gets back. 8-4 is a pretty damn good record, and unless the Patriots or Bills go undefeated until then, we're still in first place in the AFC East. I think .500 is a reasonable record for us having a backup QB in. But then when Jay comes back, if we go 3-1 to finish the season, we're 11-5. 11-5 should win the division and will be right on the line for a playoff bye, barring tiebreakers. Our only loss is in conference, so that hurts, but hopefully we will win the important games, the AFC conference ones. The game at Green Bay is almost meaningless (well, no football game is meaningless, but it is as close as they come). I would take an 11-5 record from a team who played their backup QB most of the season.

The best is still to come though. I can't wait until Ray Lucas throws the game-winning touchdown to Dedric Ward in the New York night to sweep the Jets this season. I can just think of the call right now,

"The Dolphins, trailing by 4 with 20 seconds remaining. Gadsden and Chambers out right, Ward to the left. Lucas under center, takes the snap. Here comes the pressure, Lucas scrambles to the left, he throws it downfield. And... the ball is caught by Dedric Ward! Touchdown Miami! Miami wins! Miami wins! Miami wins!"
It is hard to say. We beet the best team on our schedule in Denver. No team on the schedule has the depth, and balance on both sides of the ball like Denver does. Oakland will be tough, but it is at home and by Dec the over the hill gang should be in a nurseing home and not on the feild. Green Bay will be a tough road game, but they are an NFC team so the game won't matter if we take care of our division and the Raiders and Chergers. That being said i would bet money that we win the game. The Packers D loses another player every day, and their run d is their achillies heal. I think we will have another game where we fail to show up, but i doubt we lose anymore than 2 games the rest of the way.
The way we're playing this season, finishing anything below 12-4 would have to be called a disappointment.

Baltimore is 2-3 right now. Their offense is even worst than the year they won the Super Bowl, and their defense doesn't have that unbeatable edge anymore. They will go 8-8 at best and the unfortunate part about that is they may even win the division at 8-8...or worst yet, at 7-9.

Just because a team is hanging in there for the division lead, it doesn't mean they are "good" It could mean that everyone in their division sucks...which is the case here.
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